Is Local Honey Really The Healthiest Choice?

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Pure, unheated, unfiltered, totally unprocessed and certified organic honey is one of nature’s most perfect and beneficial foods. The documented research on the incredible health benefits of “truly unadulterated” raw honey is absolutely astounding. Through numerous studies, this quality of honey has been proven to be more effective than drugs in treating many diseases. And, since it stores indefinitely and it tends to improve with age (like fine wine)… this top-notch standard for honey is what all of us need to include in our long-term food storage plan.

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Pure Personal Care… Create Your Own Concoctions


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When you DIY your own personal care products, you’ll not only be able to choose pure ingredients and control their quality, but you’ll also be able to customize them to suit your age, sensitivities, the particular outcomes you want to achieve not to mention your monetary budget. By going DIY, the reward is that you’ll be using non-toxic, healthy, personal care products specially formulated just for you and your specific needs. Continue reading “Pure Personal Care… Create Your Own Concoctions”

A Vital Choice… What Salmon To Buy?


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It’s Vital To Make The Right Choice

Are you aware that since 2011, Oceana has worked to stop seafood fraud in the United States? Their previous investigations unveiled that on average, one-third of the seafood was mislabeled (the product listed on the label or menu was different than what the buyer actually received). Often times, this was a less desirable or lower-priced species. Continue reading “A Vital Choice… What Salmon To Buy?”

Honey & Bee Pollen… Buy Them Here


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Bee pollen houses 250+ biologically active substances (including proteins, carbs, lipids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants). It contains about 22 amino acids, 18 vitamins, 25 minerals, 59 trace elements, 11 enzymes or co-enzymes, 14 fatty acids, 11 carbohydrates and it’s approximately 25% protein. It’s extremely rich in carotenes, and it’s high in B complex vitamins and lecithin. In fact, bee pollen is so incredibly nutritious that the German Federal Board of Health has officially recognized it as a medicine. Continue reading “Honey & Bee Pollen… Buy Them Here”

Backup Stores From Where To Purchase Foods


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Get yourself some calcium Bentonite clay and use it as a mask for your face, scalp and hair. Experience it in a bath to detoxify your entire body. Try it as an armpit detox (a.k.a. underarm mask). Make a soothing foot soak with it. It’s superb for healing rashes, minor burns, poison ivy and insect bites. And, believe this or not… it also works great as a mineralizing teeth paste. Continue reading “Backup Stores From Where To Purchase Foods”

Pure Water For Those On The Go


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This Sport (22 ounce), portable water bottle features an exclusive ionic adsorption micro filtration technology. The Sport bottle’s unique, water filtering element has been designed to remove harmful contaminants from questionable sources of water (including
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Salt, Vinegar & Wine… Buy Them Here


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In addition to fabulously elevating the flavor of our meals both sweet and savory, unpasteurized vinegars and pure mineral-rich salts are also incredibly healthy for us. Not only is it divine to drink, but the powerful plant compounds in red wine have been linked with numerous health benefits. These include less inflammation, an extended lifespan, along with a lower risk of both cancer and heart disease. As stated in Psalm 104… “And wine that maketh glad the heart of man.”
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Various Cheeses (Raw, A2-A2)… Buy Them Here


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So incredibly delectable is a lusciously creamy glass of full-fat milk with slices of rich, velvety cheese atop warm, thick crusty bread. Splendidly divine is the taste of a great red wine paired up with a cheese of par excellence. And to think, all of these are remarkably wholesome indulgences!

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Almonds, Lentils, Pastas, Vinegars… Buy Them Here


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Do you know that almonds grown in the United States are of a much lesser quality compared with those grown in other countries? These particular almonds are unlike other almonds. They’ve been naturally dried with no heat applied to them. They come from Spain, and they have not been treated with any irradiation or chemical sterilization whatsoever.
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Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Cleansers… Buy Them Here


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Cleaning naturally is as simple as using baking soda, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, liquid castile soap and essential oils. For your DIY cleansing concoctions, you’ll also need some mixing bowls, glass spray bottles and microfiber cloths.

For those of us who like the convenience and the added power of pre-made cleansers, here’s a fabulous selection of eco-friendly (non-toxic) products from which to choose. Continue reading “Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Cleansers… Buy Them Here”

Olives, Flour, Barley, Salt… Buy Them Here



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Here’s where you’re able to buy einkorn berries/kernels, einkorn (whole wheat) flour and various pastas (spaghetti, fusilli and penne), fabulous French lentils, pitted Kalamata olives, seasonings (ginger root, Ceylon cinnamon, minced white onion, delicious dill weed, et cetera…) in addition to personal care items (aloe vera gel and natural henna hair color)! Have a great time shopping for really healthy food and pure (non-toxic) personal care!
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Essential Oils & Diffusers… Buy Them Here


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Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that serve as our miracle working, multi-taskers. Here are some really good reasons to use them… as healing aromatherapy, as a sleep aid, to fight aging, for oral health, to erase headaches, as an insect repellent, to stimulate hair growth, for beauty and skincare, to clean and disinfect and to relieve aches and pains… the list is endless. Continue reading “Essential Oils & Diffusers… Buy Them Here”

Extra Virgin Olive Oil… Buy It Here


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If you’re not already aware, there’s massive fraudulent activity within the olive oil industry. And, it’s very difficult to know exactly how to avoid all of those fake olive oils out there in the world. Here’s where you can be 100% confident that you’re buying authentic, organic, extra-virgin olive oil. Continue reading “Extra Virgin Olive Oil… Buy It Here”

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