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Get yourself some calcium Bentonite clay and use it as a mask for your face, scalp and hair. Experience it in a bath to detoxify your entire body. Try it as an armpit detox (a.k.a. underarm mask). Make a soothing foot soak with it. It’s superb for healing rashes, minor burns, poison ivy and insect bites. And, believe this or not… it also works great as a mineralizing teeth paste.

Store #1
Free shipping if order is over $99

Buy Pure Honey

Is Local Honey Best?

Buy Bee Pollen

Store #2
Free shipping if order is over $50

Buy French Lentils

Buy Black Lentils
If the French lentils are “out of stock,” then these black lentils are an acceptable substitute.

Buy Purple Barley

Store #3
Free shipping if order is over $50

Personal Care Products

Buy Aloe Vera Gel

Buy Calcium Bentonite Clay

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