Are You Living Under The Deception?
From the author of the eBook, “The Pure Truth… What To Eat…” Jillions of people are sick and weak, and I definitely know what it’s like to live in an ill state of body. I can almost guarantee that over 50% of what you consumed today severely hurt your health. Then, tomorrow arrives for the latter to happen all over again. Regaining and maintaining an optimum state of health is absolutely nowhere near as easy as just eating organically, locally-grown/produced, non-GMO/non-GEO and Scripturally clean meats/whole grains/fresh fruits and veggies/herbs/nuts and seeds, etc. The deception goes so much deeper when it comes to so-called healthy foods.




Bake A Difference In The World
It’s here, and it’s fashioned in iLoveToLiveWell style. Hand-crafted with the most ancient of wheats, it’s true and authentic sourdough bread. It’s prepared the old-fashioned way with that from-scratch made, lovable levain.

“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.” … James Beard

There are many people who would love to eat bread. Nevertheless, they abstain from this food for fear that it’s not positive for their health. Let’s examine what exactly has given bread a bum rap.

Certainly, there are ingredients that prove problematic for the partakers of organic, whole wheat bread. These are commercial yeast, hybridized wheat, refined salt and polluted water. But, what about the people of ancient times? It’s a fact- For them, bread was a staple food. Let’s rise to the challenge and ask ourselves, “Is there really any bread that’s truly healthy?”

Yes! It’s the bread of all breads, and it’s a cherished fermented food. It’s wild yeasted sourdough, and it’s made with the primordial, age-old wheat of einkorn. It’s The Bread we can feel good about eating!

iLoveToLiveWell’s Recipes That WOW!… Wellness Over Weakness
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DIY and easy… recipe for sourdough bread with einkorn wheat… updated and even better than before!

Includes recipes for bagels, soft pretzels, bread sticks, Italian focaccia, Turkish loaf and crostini.

Included free for a limited time… a fantastic recipe for bialys and pizza crust!

They are all made artisan style, and they are all 100% pure sourdough.

Enjoy fantastic flavor and have superior nutrition… Relish in rapturous love at first bite, second bite, third bite.

100% whole grain… 100% wild yeasted… 100% vegan… 100% no fuss!

All recipes are completely free of commercial yeast, baking powder, baking soda, dairy, sweeteners and fruit juices.

You can do it and in very little time.

It’s foolproof and in just ten days… you’ll have this marvelous bread on the table.

A novice in making bread? An experienced home baker? An established professional chef?

It’s here, rise up and take notice.


Organic… have it healthy… 100% whole grain from starter culture to gourmet loaf.

It’s vegan too and  what’s more? People who suffer from gluten intolerance and diabetes are rejoicing. They now live in the freedom to delight in the wonderfulness of bread.

What’s all the fuss about? Make exquisite bread with ease… have a good time… enjoy the journey. A foolproof method or plan is so well designed that it’s certain to succeed!

Einkorn is unique unto itself.  Once any professional bread maker works with the flour of einkorn whole wheat, and they possess the experience with having worked with a number of other flours in designing all kinds of breads… even these professionals come to clearly understand that einkorn is unique unto itself.

It’s time to break bread. Success is at your fingertips… loaf after loaf after loaf after loaf after loaf. Be radiant with joy as your family calls you… the breadwinner! In just ten days from now, you and your family could be celebrating together with the healthiest and most delectable bread.

Oh, the flexibility you’ll have.
Fashion bread as much or as little as you wish… Adjust to your particular schedule, needs and desires.

This is a perfect bread for tartines.

Save time and money… bake two loaves at once.

Beloved is bread… soft crumbs… crunchy croutons… warm toast.

Cut it into elegant shapes and top it to impress for mouthwatering appetizers, casual  brunches, special dinners or those formal soirees.

No fuss- There’s no burning hot dutch oven, no stand mixer, no fancy schmancy equipment. There’s no need for baking stones or steels, loaf pans, bannetons or couches. There’s no kneading, no scoring and no retarding the dough. Be free… there’s no more having to deal with the discard, and this is the continuous excess from the sourdough starter culture.

It’s All Yours!
Have crystal clear instructions and all terms fully explained.

It’s a comprehensive and well thought out plan that’s fun, feelgood, engaging, humorous and lively. This plan is also approachable, smooth, relaxed and comfortable. iLoveToLiveWell’s casual process of making bread is motivating and encouraging the whole way. This course of action has been designed to be absolutely accomplishable. It’s no fuss and foolproof!

Be laid back, carefree and cheerful… let the process work for you.

Have over 80% of your time free, and do as you please.

It’s real bread… it’s a probiotic powerhouse.

We are accentuating whole grain einkorn… it’s the most ancient of wheats.

With Confidence Galore
Easily go from this extremely extraordinary berry to that tremendously tantalizing bread.

It’s an artisan, country style boule. It’s a food of old… it’s a staple food. It’s 100% naturally leavened… it’s sourdough bread that’s wild yeasted. It’s completely whole grain einkorn, and this is start to finish.

Here’s a hearty loaf in all its rustic charm. This bread has an incredible, chewy crust plus an awesome, soft and moist crumb. Partake of this amazing, deep and complex flavor… it’s unparalleled in the world of breads. Sourdough bread is a fiber rich and fermented food… super nutritious… ultra delicious… so satiating too.

It’s culture, dough and bread. The ingredients are einkorn flour, pure water, unrefined salt and  wild yeast. It’s a readily available, easily obtainable, very affordable, ancient fruit that makes the huge difference. We embrace a long and slow fermentation for sensational sourdough. It’s an astonishing transformation and a deeply profound experience.

Recipe Coaching
The details make all the difference.
From the author… Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall

“Down to the last detail”, I give you what you’re craving. Here’s how to have an active, bubbly culture through to that glorious, finished loaf! Be the toast of the town. Here it is… no fuss and foolproof! Taste the victory. Sourdough bread done right is just slightly sour, fabulously buttery, so rich in taste with a remarkable balance and intriguing complexity of flavor compounds.

Spare yourself… spoken from experience. Save at least 200 precious hours of agonizing research for nothing more than to make your head spin in contradictions and utter confusion. Plus, not to mention… There are so many trials and heartbreaking disappointments you may have to endure.

It’s Yours! … Success StraightAway
From spectacular starter culture to divine dough to top-notch bread, here’s all the savoir faire you’ll need for success the very first time. With this great guide… Boldly adventure on the wild side, and create The Bread of all breads. It’s the piece de resistance… It’s outstanding, wild yeasted sourdough, and it’s made with the primordial, age-old wheat of excellence… einkorn.

Jovial Einkorn Wheat Berries 160 Oz (10 Lb)

The Great News
For every single person who has invested in this eBook, the recipes have worked absolutely perfectly for them.

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Included free for a limited time… a fantastic recipe for bialys and pizza crust!
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