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In order to safeguard your freedom of speech concerning natural health information (according to the Bible), Dianne constructed an opt-in membership site for So, you’ll now have the ability to “freely” communicate with her and other like-minded people.

Three Options
1) Free Access
2) Absolute Access
3) Buy Individually (Individual Access)

Free Access
Free access entitles you to partial
access of the website.

Absolute Access
Absolute access (one-time fee of only $110) entitles you to Dianne’s four eBooks, full access to the website (free and premium), and all future updates. When you buy the absolute access (a.k.a. membership), one login gets you complete access to the entire website.

Buy Individually… Individual Access
If you buy each access (a.k.a. membership) individually (one by one), and you buy more than one membership), you’ll need to create different login information for each membership you have. Also, you can log into only one membership at a time. Once you buy all five memberships, one login will get you complete access to the entire website.

1) Find out why you’re sick – $20
[What Christians don’t even know]

2) Learn how to become healthy – $20
[Includes over 100 scripture verses]

3) Get the truth about milk – $20
[Doctors used it to heal]

4) Learn to prepare real bread – $20
[Einkorn wheat and traditional sourdough]

5) Receive delicious recipes and more – $30
This is the premium membership.
[Includes videos for preparing various breads]

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