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If you’d like to know the approximate shipping cost before you place an order for Farmer Ephraim’s raw cheese, CLICK HERE to contact him at Alpine Heritage Creamery (Grass Fed Grub) and include your zip code.

For a total of 30 pounds of cheese, the shipping cost is usually anywhere from $30. to $60. Typically, you can expect to add anywhere from $1.00 to $2.00 to each pound of cheese to cover the shipping cost. The closer you ship to the state of Pennsylvania, the cheaper the shipping cost will be for you.

Farmer Ephraim will send you an invoice for your final order. If you don’t receive an invoice for whatever reason, CLICK HERE to contact him. As far as the weight of each block of cheese, the weight may be a little more than five pounds, or it may be a little less. Farmer Ephraim always does his very best to cut each block of cheese as close to five pounds as he possibly can. Know that the invoice that he sends you will reflect the accurate weight for each block of cheese along with the adjusted dollar amount according to the specified weight for that particular block of cheese.

Ship To Address & Bill To Address

If you’re ordering cheese as a gift for someone, make sure that the “ship to address” and “bill to address” reflects this information. In this case, you’ll put your info in the “bill to address,” and in the “ship to address,” you’ll put the info for the person who is receiving the cheese as a gift. Please, be sure you make special mention that you’re gifting someone with cheese (refer to example order form).


1} Pepper Jack – $8.50 PER POUND

Aged 2 to 6 months, allow us to seduce your palate with our mouthwatering, Pepper Jack cheese. This cheese has a tremendous balance of captivating spiciness from chillies that provides a perfectly pleasing punch of heat to superbly accentuate this cheese’s mellow, astounding luxuriousness.

2} Herbal Jack – $8.50 PER POUND

Aged 2 to 6 months, our zippy, Herbal Jack recipe is a super tasty combination of aromatic, Italian herbs mingled with dillweed’s subtle notes of anise and its bright, grassy flavor. The tantalizingly delicious blend of seasonings that we use is oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, sage and of course… dillweed.

3} Mild Cheddar – $8.00 PER POUND

Our exquisite, Mild Cheddar has been aged 2 to 4 months. Our young cheddar is superlative amongst soft flavored cheeses, and it’s a wonderfully divine cheese to use for sandwiches. Or perhaps, you may like to highlight it on your next cheese plate as that special touch of simple elegance.

4} Paradise (MEDIUM SHARP) Cheddar – $8.00PER POUND

Our stupendous, Paradise Cheddar has been aged 6 to 10 months. This boldly flavored, medium sharp cheddar has an awesome, satiny smoothness with an irresistible, bitey finish. It’s a phenomenal cheddar to use for all kinds of gourmet applications. Know that as cheddar ages, two things occur. The texture goes from smooth and creamy to crumbly with salt-like crystals. The second thing that happens, the longer a cheddar ages, is the more pronounced its flavor becomes.

5} Paradise Reserve (SHARP) Cheddar – $8.50 PER POUND

An incredible taste explosion in the mouth, our amazing Paradise Reserve Cheddar has been aged 1 to 2 years. This ambrosial, complex, full-bodied cheddar is silky smooth and unbelievably buttery while still possessing the classic, cheddar finish and enticing, tangy aroma. For the gourmet in you, you’ll really love how this stellar cheddar cheese fabulously compliments the sweetness of figs and the succulence of grapes.

6} Applewood Cheddar – $8.50 PER POUND

Aged 4 to 8 months, we smoke our mild to medium, signature cheddar over applewood for a more robust flavor.

7} Garlic Cheddar – $8.50 PER POUND

Aged 4 to 8 months, we infuse our mild to medium, beloved cheddar with the dynamic duo of granulated garlic and dried chives for a powerful yet harmonious blend.

8} Johnny’s Clothbound Cheddar – $11.50 PER POUND

Aged anywhere from 14 to 20 months, this is an extra special, Alpine Heritage original cheddar cheese to savor with its big, long-lasting flavor. Traditional English cloth bindings and cave aging heightens the magnificence of our milk from 100% grass-fed Jersey cows.

9} Yogurt Cheese – $8.00 PER POUND

Our gloriously sublime, luscious yogurt cheese has been aged 2 to 6 months. This sensational, springy textured cheese has an adoring sweet aroma of warm butter, a heavenly mild yet fully rounded flavor and a delicate, splendid tanginess that will drive your taste buds wild.

10} Colby Cheese – $8.00 PER POUND

Aged 2 to 6 months, this quintessential farmstead Colby has a sensuously velvety texture, scrumptious buttery flavor and an endearing grassy aroma. The Paradise Colby cheese is spectacular as an afternoon delight with a few sips of wine, or perhaps you’ll want to use it to create a creamy, dreamy cheese sauce for whole-grain, einkorn pasta.

11} Swiss Cheese – $8.00 PER POUND

Aged 3 to 8 months, this Alpine Heritage Swiss boasts the rich aroma of our majestic, Jersey cow’s milk with a gentle, almost sweet flavor. It’s excellent atop crispy, whole-grain crackers, or enjoy it with some crusty, sourdough bread.

12} Feta Cheese – $8.00 PER POUND

Aged for a minimum of 60 days all the way up to 6 months, our cow’s milk feta has a big, sharp flavor with a beautiful, creamy texture.


Referred by Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall of

Hi Farmer Ephraim,

This is a large order for Paul Marshall in Texas. Dianne of told me that if I place an order for 30 pounds or more, you’ll offer me your cheeses at the wholesale price.

1} Pepper Jack – two 5 pound blocks at $8.50 per pound = $42.50 per 5 pound block (total = $85.00)

2} Mild Cheddar – one 5 pound block at $8.00 per pound = $40.00 per 5 pound block (total = $40.00)

3} Paradise Reserve Cheddar – one 5 pound block at $8.50 per pound = $42.50 per 5 pound block (total = $42.50)

4} Yogurt Cheese – two 5 pound blocks at $8.00 per pound = $40.00 per 5 pound block (total = $80.00)

15 pounds x $8.00 per pound = $120.00

15 pounds x $8.50 per pound = $127.50

$120.00 + $127.50 = $247.50
Total price for my 30 pounds = $247.50
This price is before shipping.


Paul Marshall

I’m giving raw cheese as a gift.

Tom Jones
123 ABC Road
Suite 789
Philadelphia, PA 77721

Paul Marshall
456 Valley Road
Killeen, Texas 23777


Cell Phone
The best time to contact me is between noon and 3:00PM.

CLICK HERE to donate $10, and Dianne will place your order for you. Email iL*************@gm***.com and include the names of the cheeses you want, how many five pound blocks for each cheese you want, your full name, your mailing address, your email address, your phone number and the best times to contact you. Also, let Dianne know if the cheese is a gift. If so, include the giftee’s full name and mailing address.


1} Send your completed order form to the farmer’s email address.

2} Use this subject title for the email you send to the farmer.
Wholesale order for cheese, (YOUR NAME)

3} CLICK HERE to download your “official” order form.

4} Fill out the form according to the instructions (refer to example order form).

5} Please, before sending, very carefully review all of the details for your order.

6} Email Farmer Ephraim your order form for cheese.

7} Now, allow Farmer Ephraim a few days to respond to you.

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