Pure Personal Care… Create Your Own Concoctions

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2022)


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When you DIY your own personal care products, you’ll not only be able to choose pure ingredients and control their quality, but you’ll also be able to customize them to suit your age, sensitivities, the particular outcomes you want to achieve not to mention your monetary budget. By going DIY, the reward is that you’ll be using non-toxic, healthy, personal care products specially formulated just for you and your specific needs.

Buy Unrefined Shea Butter

1} Buy Nutrient Rich Honey
2} Buy Nutrient Rich Honey

Buy Pure Essential Oils

Buy Beautifying Olive Oil

1} Buy Aloe Vera Gel
2} Buy Aloe Vera Gel

1} Buy Calcium Bentonite Clay
2} Buy Calcium Bentonite Clay

1} Buy Dead Sea Salt
2} Buy Dead Sea Salt

Buy Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt

Buy Food Grade Peroxide

1} Buy Bicarbonate Of Soda
2} Buy Bicarbonate Of Soda

1} Buy Henna Hair Color
2} Buy Henna Hair Color
3} Buy Henna Hair Color

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