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It’s Vital To Make The Right Choice

Are you aware that since 2011, Oceana has worked to stop seafood fraud in the United States? Their previous investigations unveiled that on average, one-third of the seafood was mislabeled (the product listed on the label or menu was different than what the buyer actually received). Often times, this was a less desirable or lower-priced species.

The group’s researchers witnessed threatened species being sold as more sustainable (expensive varieties replaced with cheaper alternatives), and fish that can cause illness (e.g., escolar) were substituted in place of those that are safe to eat. In 2014, Oceana conducted the most current and comprehensive review of seafood fraud literature to date (compiling 103 studies in 29 countries). Every study found some level of seafood fraud. In the U.S. alone, 50 different types of seafood have been found mislabeled (with over 150 species substituted in their place).

Catch Hold Of The Real Deal

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“Vital Choice’s sockeye salmon is so awesome tasting and nutritious… it should be called… sock it to me salmon!!!”
Latanya from North Dakota

“Believe you me, you haven’t had sockeye salmon until you’ve had Vital Choice’s outrageously good sockeye salmon! And, as you can tell… everyone who has tried this sockeye salmon totally agrees with me!”
Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall of iLoveToLiveWell.com

Matthew 15:36… “And he took the seven loaves and the fishes, and gave thanks, and brake them, and gave to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.”
Enjoy the very best sockeye salmon you’ve ever tasted!

The Vital Choice … The Only Choice
iLoveToLiveWell’s Choice For Authentic Wild, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

VC captures the fresh-caught quality of succulent, sustainably harvested, Alaskan wild sockeye salmon by cleaning and flash-freezing it within hours of harvest.

Purity… Quality… Stellar Nutrition… Sustainable Sustenance

• Certified Purity… By nature, their wild salmon fish are free of hazardous levels of contaminants.
• Top Quality… Their wild salmon fish will always be the very best quality available. This is a promise that they support through their many testimonials, and they back it with their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
• Stellar Nutrition… In addition to ample protein, their wild salmon fish are rich in two vital nutrients… omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.
• Sustainable Sustenance… All of their wild salmon fish come from well-managed, sustainable wild fisheries. The latter have been certified as such by the State of Alaska, the Marine Stewardship Council and independent organizations like the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

Why Does Dianne Of iLoveToLiveWell Trust Them?

Finding high quality Salmon can be difficult and confusing. Is the salmon wild or farmed? Where was the salmon caught? How has the salmon been handled? Few seafood retailers know the answers to these questions, and some may not be eager to provide them.

Surprise! Wild Salmon Is NOT Always Wild Salmon

Investigations by The New York Times and a leading product-testing consumer magazine revealed that much of the salmon sold as “wild” is actually farmed fish. This common fraud is perpetrated to raise sellers’ profits, and this is done at the expense of consumers who lack the expertise to see (or taste) through it. Refer to “Salmon Buyer Beware: An Eye-Opening Trip to Manhattan’s Fish Market” and several other articles in the “Seafood Labeling & Fraud Issues” section of VC’s News Archive.

Why Does Dianne Highly Value Their Experience?

Unlike most retailers… They seek and can identify the best wild Alaskan salmon, and only less than 1% meet their strict standards. The founder and Washington State native… Randy Hartnell spent more than 20 years fishing wild, pristine Alaskan waters for salmon. Among them, three key members of the company crew… Randy, his brother Terry Hartnell and COO Dave Hamburg possess more than 50 years of experience fishing Alaskan waters for salmon. As a result… They know where to get the best, most carefully handled wild salmon.

High Quality + Fair Prices = Good Value

Their wild, Alaskan sockeye salmon arrives at your door on dry ice, imbued with the fresh-caught flavor, texture and nutritional benefits that premium quality fish should provide. For optimum culinary quality, they start with wild sockeye salmon that’s been harvested at just the right times and places. Unlike other retailers, VC’s prices reflect high quality and real value. They earn about the same profit as most retail markets. Yet, their customers enjoy wild sockeye salmon of a much higher initial and delivered quality at a perfectly fair price. And, if you ask Dianne… their jumbo, “whole” frozen fillets (skin-on, boneless) of wild, Alaskan sockeye salmon are a must try! Order their sockeye salmon in larger quantities, and you’ll reap the substantial savings.

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Dianne Greatly Respects & Highly Appreciates Their Unsurpassed Purity

VC seeks to support their customers’ well-being. With this said, they offer only the purest wild salmon fish possible… this is wild salmon fish that grow in the wild environment to which they are so superbly adapted. This wild environment is free of the antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic coloring agents and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) commonly used in fish farms. Government, university and their very own past tests on the seafood they sell show that it is free of harmful levels of mercury and industrial contaminants.

Ask Yourself This Question … What Could Be Better?

Dianne asks, “What could be better than having some extremely fresh, incredibly nutritious and divinely scrumptious, wild Alaskan sockeye salmon delivered straight to your door? Come on, let’s face it… This is what dreams are made of, and VC is here to make this dream your new reality!”

Dianne Commends Them For Their Flash-Frozen Advantage

As Jane Brody, famed food/nutrition columnist for The New York Times once wrote, “The freshest seafood is that which has been frozen shortly after harvest and remains that way until cooked.” Within hours of harvest, VC’s wild sockeye salmon is processed and flash-frozen. This method preserves the fresh-caught flavor, appearance, texture and nutritional excellence of their premium grade fish. In most markets, the “fresh” fish is rarely in the ideal condition that the label implies. While many supermarkets sell previously frozen wild sockeye salmon, it may not have been frozen fast enough post-harvest. Thus, the salmon typically languishes, thawed in a display case for hours or days along with being exposed to air and light … conditions which quickly foster bacterial growth and render rancid the salmon’s delicate omega-3 fatty acids.

Dianne Shares Her Enthusiasm Over Superior Salmon Raised Naturally

VC’s wild Alaskan salmon spend several years feeding on the sea’s natural foods and straining against the robust, cold currents of the North Pacific… this they do before migrating thousands of miles to the headwaters of their birth rivers. Of the millions of young Pacific salmon that begin this demanding ocean odyssey every year… Only the strongest, healthiest fish will reach harvest age. This is why wild salmon have flavor, texture and a nutritional profile that’s far superior to any farm-raised fish. Their superior culinary quality stands in stark contrast to flaccid-fleshed farmed salmon that were raised in pens and fed grains, various antibiotics and pesticides which are almost always Atlantic salmon… Salmo salar. With all of this considered, isn’t it absolutely amazing to think that all of VC’s salmon fillets come from the one percent of sustainably harvested wild salmon that meet their strict quality standards?

Dianne Cheerfully Applauds Them For Their Particular Process

Once brought aboard the particular vessels… VC’s wild sockeye salmon are chilled in slush ice or refrigerated sea water, and then they are transported to shore-side processing plants. The latter is where they are transformed into the frozen products that VC offers. It’s quite interesting to note that the type of gear used to land wild salmon has a much lower impact on quality than other factors… This includes harvest timing, harvest region, onboard handling and the time from harvest to flash-freezing. And, Dianne wants you to know that VC guarantees that all their fish come from carefully managed, sustainable fisheries.

Why Does Dianne Believe That Everyone Should Buy Wild?

Wild, Alaskan salmon is endorsed as a “Best Seafood Choice” by leading environmental organizations… this includes the Marine Stewardship Council, Environmental Defense, the Blue Ocean Institute, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and many others. In contrast, farmed Salmon are typically rated… AVOID. All fish and animal foods contain at least some traces of the industrial contaminants found everywhere in today’s environment, but farmed salmon contain levels of PCBs and dioxins that are higher than any other fish or animal food tested. While even these comparatively high levels of PCBs and dioxins are vanishingly small, it makes good sense to minimize intake.

Dianne Recommends Eating Wild Salmon For Its Vitamin D

Research published in recent years makes it clear that vitamin D is a much bigger factor in the health of mankind than previously thought. Vitamin D reduces the risks of osteoporosis, fractures and major cancers. By far, findings show that wild sockeye salmon is the best food source available for vitamin D. To benefit your health, there are 600-700 IU of vitamin D in a 3.5 ounce serving of wild sockeye salmon.

Dianne Gives This Urgent Call To Action
Select Wild Salmon To Help Save Wild Salmon

The Alaskan salmon fishing industry is the chief economic force behind the preservation of wild Salmon. But, in recent years… It has been devastated by competition from the world-wide proliferation of cheap, nutritionally inferior, environmentally destructive farmed salmon. As paradoxical as it may seem, to save wild salmon… it helps to choose it over farmed salmon products.

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Dianne Backs These Causes… Coastal Communities & Sustainable Trade

Contributing positively to local fisher-folk, their families and their threatened coastal communities and environment is so important to VC that they consider it a key guiding principle. They have a strong commitment in helping to promote a sustainable social, ecological and economic model for the harvesting and sale of wild Salmon. Also, they want their customers to know that they donate a portion of their profits to advocacy organizations such as the United Fishermen of Alaska.

Dianne Concludes With This Final Thought
Vital Community Connections & The Causes They Help Sustain

Vital Choice contributes a portion of their net profits to the Weil Foundation, The Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Raincoast Research (Alexandra Morton’s campaign to protect Canada’s wild Pacific salmon from diseases spread by nearby salmon farms) plus other causes devoted to improving the health and well-being of people and the planet that sustains all of us!

Vital Choice… The ONLY Choice… Something Powerful To Ponder

If you haven’t already realized it, Dianne hopes you now realize that each and every choice that we make in life is a vital one.

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