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(Last Updated On: November 11, 2022)


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So incredibly delectable is a lusciously creamy glass of full-fat milk with slices of rich, velvety cheese atop warm, thick crusty bread. Splendidly divine is the taste of a great red wine paired up with a cheese of par excellence. And to think, all of these are remarkably wholesome indulgences!

Here’s where you can order some of the finest A2-A2 “truly” raw cheeses in the U.S.
This first-class farmer will be happy to ship his ultra delicious cheeses directly to your home.

Really Raw
To respect and preserve the healing power of raw milk’s enzymes, probiotics, fats and proteins… Farmer Ephraim warms the milk to just 102-103 degrees Fahrenheit.

Family Matters
Farmer Ephraim uses Farmer Aaron’s wonderful raw milk to make his spectacular raw cheeses. Farmer Aaron (of Miller’s Bio Farm) and Farmer Ephraim (of Alpine Heritage Creamery – Grass Fed Grub) are cousins. CLICK HERE and we’ll travel you over to Miller’s Bio Farm so you can check out Farmer Aaron’s majestic raw milk and scrumptious raw butter.

Buying Options

Buy Cheese Retail (higher price per pound)
Buy Cheese Wholesale (lower price per pound)

Dianne’s Favorites
Farmer Ephraim of Alpine Heritage Creamery (Grass Fed Grub) sells… 2 kinds of Monterey Jack cheeses, 6 kinds of cheddar cheeses, Dutch Country Swiss cheese, Paradise Colby cheese and yogurt cheese. Dianne’s top 4 picks are as follows… pepper Jack cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, yogurt cheese and Colby cheese. By the way, all of Farmer Ephraim’s raw cheeses freeze beautifully. Sizewise, freezing a five pound block of the farmer’s cheese is no different than freezing a loaf of bread.

Organic, Sustainable, Environmentally Conscientious
These hand-crafted, artisanal raw cheeses are made from milk that’s regularly tested for safety… milk that is raw and organic… milk that comes from 100% grass-fed Jersey cows (tested to be A2-A2 and never fed grain, corn silage or soy products).

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