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In addition to fabulously elevating the flavor of our meals both sweet and savory, unpasteurized vinegars and pure mineral-rich salts are also incredibly healthy for us. Not only is it divine to drink, but the powerful plant compounds in red wine have been linked with numerous health benefits. These include less inflammation, an extended lifespan, along with a lower risk of both cancer and heart disease. As stated in Psalm 104… “And wine that maketh glad the heart of man.”

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Bolivian Rose Andes Mountain Salt is a rare, natural mineral salt. It’s carefully mined by hand from salt deposits that formed thousands of years ago. A saltwater sea evaporated, and this left behind salt deposits that closed off on all sides deep within the Andes Mountain range in Bolivia. The mountains protected the salt deposits from modern contaminants, and they preserved the broad range of trace minerals that give this salt its unique color variances from stunningly gorgeous pastel peach to yellow-reds and coral tones. With its lovely color and balanced flavor, Bolivian Rose Salt is always the perfect choice.

Organic Pure Red
Badger Mountain Wines
To have a case (six boxes) of Badger Mountain pure red wine shipped directly to you, call 509-627-4986. Press #4 for the tasting room, and let them know that Dianne of recommended you.

There’s a $10 flat fee for shipping, and after you place your order… you’ll receive a receipt via email. The best time to call the winery is after 1:00 PM-PDT. Also, it’s a really good idea to stock up on the wine in the spring and autumn (when the weather conditions are most appropriate for shipping it). Always drink this wine prior to it expiring. So, before ordering a case of it… be sure to ask about the expiration date.

Preserver For Bottled Wines

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