Your Personal Home Bakery For Making Bread

If you’re ready to make Dianne’s various breads (100% whole wheat einkorn… traditional sourdough with homemade yeast), she suggests that you do what she has done… create a baker’s kitchen at home. She has streamlined the entire process, and now, prepping her super nutritious and ultra delicious breads couldn’t be any easier.

Buy Einkorn Flour
Grind Einkorn Berries


• Produce 100+ pounds of flour in an hour.
• Amazing… mills with little to no flour dust.
• Low temperature preserves the grain’s quality and nutrients.
• Mill grain near effortlessly… powerful 1250 watt motor.

Eliminate The Guesswork
Get The Proof


• Proofing made simple with consistent temperature and humidity.
• Rising your dough is now a no brainer.
• Precision control… get the perfect rise every time.


Four loaf pans fit inside this proofer box.

Get Kneading Dough
Get Making Butter
Easy… Quick… Convenient


• Large 9.5 quart capacity… strong 660 watt motor.
• Special feature… powerful performance of planetary mixing action.
• Tilt head… ten speeds… suction cups… quiet operation.
• Dianne tested… per usage… up to six (one minute intervals).
• Einkorn whole wheat flour 1418 grams (max)… liquid 986 grams (max).

Dianne uses this stand mixer (whisk attachment) to make butter. She puts nine cups of cream (65 degrees Fahrenheit… 18.3 degrees Celsius) in the mixer, and her yield of butter is an impressive eighteen ounces (one pound… two ounces). The entire process takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes, and she uses the #8 setting the whole time. She uses the cream that she gets from the raw milk of Jersey cattle.

Other Helpful Tools
Check Them Out


Oven thermometer… one gallon jar… silicone loaf pans… digital scale… lame for scoring… serrated bread knife… et cetera…

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