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Before this company even obtains a sample of an oil, they find out everything they can about the farmer, distiller or supplier. They research the background, reputation, commitment to quality, and commitment to the industry behind each sample. Once they know everything they need to know to their satisfaction, they then move on to looking at the actual oil itself. For each and every single essential oil… They include its botanical name, extraction method, country of origin, plant part, aromatic scent and GC/MS report. You can see each essential oil’s GC/MS report by going to that specific essential oil’s product page and clicking on Test Reports.

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Everything Essential Oils
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Cedarwood Atlas from Morocco

Cedarwood Himalayan from India

Cinnamon Leaf from Sri Lanka

Clove Bud from Indonesia

Eucalyptus Globulus from China

Eucalyptus Globulus, organic (China or India)

Frankincense Serrata from India

Lavender, organic (Bulgaria)

Lavender from Bulgaria, Spain, France, Greece

Lemon, cold pressed extraction

Lemongrass from India

Orange, (organic blood orange) from Italy

Peppermint, Western US

Rosemary, organic (Tunisia)

Tea tree from Australia

Aromatherapy inhalers, 3 pack, multi-color, (aluminum cased)

Refill wicks (24 pack) for aromatherapy inhalers, (aluminum cased)

NovaFuse USB diffuser in black, (no heat, no chemicals)