The Milk That Heals… The Milk That Harms

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The big cover up and the hidden agenda revealed… there are profound reasons why the PTB doesn’t want you to know the truth about milk. Are you aware that “good” milk is a complete food the body easily turns into good blood? Acting through the blood and the circulation, drinking “good” milk heals the cells and thus the tissues and the organs.

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Be Sick No More… Solutions From The Bible

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What separates this eBook from others of its kind? A myriad of people will show you oodles of ways to heal from an ill body, but in this eBook… you’ll read about the one way to heal healthfully. The author studiously searched the scriptures for the answers, and it’s only through Scripture that any of us can uncover the “pure truth” on this subject.

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Dianne Shares How She Regained Her Health

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Dianne’s Testimonial On BlogTalk

Connecting The Dots
A Date To Remember
On July 4th of 1995, I was formally introduced to a certain someone. This intriguing individual led me down a path of understanding that I could have never imagined. At this precise time… in body, mind, emotions and spirit… I began to truly comprehend the astonishing, intricate connection between what I ate and how I functioned. On this specific subject matter, it’s all of what this person said that I hadn’t heard prior. And, this was what vehemently grabbed my undivided attention. My curiosity was sparked. If actuating a dramatic change in what I eat would help me, I definitely had a strong motivating force. Continue reading “Dianne Shares How She Regained Her Health”

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