Is Local Honey Really The Healthiest Choice?


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Pure, unheated, totally unprocessed and certified organic honey is one of nature’s most perfect and beneficial foods. The documented research on the incredible health benefits of “truly unadulterated” raw honey is absolutely astounding. Through numerous studies, this quality of honey has been proven to be more effective than drugs in treating many diseases. And, since it stores indefinitely and it tends to improve with age (like fine wine)… this top-notch standard for honey is what all of us need to include in our long-term food storage plan.
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Pure Personal Care… Create Your Own Concoctions


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When you DIY your own personal care products, you’ll not only be able to choose pure ingredients and control their quality, but you’ll also be able to customize them to suit your age, sensitivities, the particular outcomes you want to achieve not to mention your monetary budget. By going DIY, the reward is that you’ll be using non-toxic, healthy, personal care products specially formulated just for you and your specific needs. Continue reading “Pure Personal Care… Create Your Own Concoctions”

Dianne Shares How She Regained Her Health

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Dianne’s Testimonial On BlogTalk

Connecting The Dots
A Date To Remember
On July 4th of 1995, I was formally introduced to a certain someone. This intriguing individual led me down a path of understanding that I could have never imagined. At this precise time… in body, mind, emotions and spirit… I began to truly comprehend the astonishing, intricate connection between what I ate and how I functioned. On this specific subject matter, it’s all of what this person said that I hadn’t heard prior. And, this was what vehemently grabbed my undivided attention. My curiosity was sparked. If actuating a dramatic change in what I eat would help me, I definitely had a strong motivating force. Continue reading “Dianne Shares How She Regained Her Health”

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