Why Freshly Mill Einkorn Berries To Flour?

Flour Power… This Is No Run Of The Mill Flour!

Seven worthwhile benefits of freshly grinding your own einkorn berries to flour are as follows… ultimate freshness, fabulous flavor, wonderful aroma, tantalizing texture, faster rise, maximum nutrition and optimum hygiene. Go for DIY and freshly milled flour, and here’s why.

Throughout history… Communities eagerly centered around the precious, stone flour mill. When the mill was finished grinding berries to flour, the people would excitedly gather together. They would enthusiastically pick up their fresh flour, and they would passionately begin baking with it straightaway. Grinding your own grain takes patience, experimentation and, of course, a superior grain mill. For sooo many people, milling one’s own grain is extremely fulfilling, a fun adventure and profoundly meditative. They wholeheartedly relish in the fascinating transformation of each seed from the field all the way to that spectacular, sourdough loaf of bread. Plus, they thoroughly enjoy partaking of the captivating aroma from their respectful diligence. There is an exquisite, nutty and sweet taste from baked goods that have been made with freshly ground, einkorn berries. Sourdough lovingly prepared with fresh milled flour has a deeply rich flavor, and it takes on added levels of complexity… it’s a tremendous taste that’s definitely difficult to describe.

There are three components of a whole wheat berry… its endosperm, bran and germ. The endosperm (energy) is 83% of the whole grain. The endosperm has the main source for carbohydrates, protein and iron. The bran (roughage) makes up approximately 14% of the whole grain, and it’s the outer skin of the kernel or berry. The bran encases large amounts of B vitamins, a bit of protein, trace minerals, phytochemicals and insoluble fiber. The germ (nutrients) is about 2.5% of the kernel’s weight, and it houses the most fat. It contains more B vitamins, and its protein content is also greater than bran’s. Unfortunately, as whole-grain flour sits… the flavor degrades substantially. This happens because the fiber in the bran and the oil in the germ are susceptible to oxidation thus… rancidity. Here’s a quote from Stephen Jones (Director of the Bread Lab), “There are real flavors that are lost within a short time. We’ve done informal blind tastings, and the difference between flour that was freshly milled and flour that had stored for a while was clear to everyone.” Professional Baker, Peter Reinhart states… “Many of the best people attending the various conferences I frequent are home bakers interested in milling their own flour.”

When you mill your own einkorn berries, you also have control over the texture of the flour… fine, coarse, or anywhere in between. Not only this… There’s a particular mouth feel you get from the final baked product, and this is due to how fine or coarse the einkorn berries were ground. And, believe this or not… einkorn berries that have been freshly milled versus using pre-packaged flour will produce a faster rise for your dough. Here’s some further and quite strong motivation for milling your own flour. You possess the absolute confidence that you’re receiving all of the vital nutrients from the einkorn berries.

In addition to all of the previously stated… Hygiene is, as well, a hugely important consideration. Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m not touching that. I don’t know where it’s been?” For example, after I receive my einkorn berries… I freeze them for at least five days and five nights. For those who have read the eBook, they are fully aware of the excellent reason I have for doing this thing. After freezing the berries for the five days and five nights, I carefully cleanse them. Lastly, I take the necessary time to low-temperature dry the berries in a dehydrator machine. The einkorn berries are now ready for milling.

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