The Root Cause… Is There Any Connection Between Root Canals & Chronic Illnesses? Here’s What Experts Have To Say!

Word Of Mouth
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Endodontists perform 25 million root canal procedures a year in the United States alone, and this practice has catastrophic effects on peoples’ well-being (physically, mentally and emotionally). By sharing this message, you will be doing your part in helping to educate people on the tragic health effects that result from having a root canal. And, having a root canal procedure is certainly nothing to smile about.

“When you have one or more root canals in your mouth, you have a greater chance of a heart attack.”
Dr Thomas Levy

“Up to 90% of all medical problems originate in the mouth.”
Dr Gerald Smith

“There is nothing healthy about a dead tooth.”
Dr Dawn Ewing

“Root canals have an inherent problem because nowhere else in the body can we leave dead tissue.”
Dr Lane Freeman

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