Teeth Brushing & Whitening… The 100% Pure & Natural Way

iLoveToLiveWell’s Recipe For EarthPaste

This EarthPaste is ultra cleansing, antibacterial, alkalizing, detoxifying, remineralizing, whitening, brightening, refreshing, strengthening, revitalizing, oxygenating, super healing, economical, easy and quick to prepare… plus it’s completely 100% pure and natural! Wow, that was quite the mouthful, now wasn’t it? To boot, this EarthPaste has a lovely velveteen texture, and in the mouth… it feels just like conventional teeth paste. It’s absolutely spectacular! You’re going to love it!

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Here’s How To Make iLoveToLiveWell’s EarthPaste

When making this EarthPaste, do NOT use metal bowls and/or utensils.
Use ONLY wooden, silicone or glass bowls and utensils.

iLoveToLiveWell’s EarthPaste… Refreshingly Minty
Are you wondering where to get the ingredients to prep this EarthPaste?
Wonder no more… Click HERE and go under the section, “Personal Care,” to get the clay. Click HERE to get the peppermint Western USA essential oil, and have a
FunTabulous time brushing! to find out!

Water, filtered/purified… 1 cup plus 6 measured tablespoons

Peppermint essential oil (Western USA)… 60 drops

Calcium Bentonite clay…1 cup, dry measure
Want to understand the difference between wet and dry measures? Click HERE to be in the know.

Transfer your EarthPaste to a pint size, glass mason jar. Lid the jar, and refrigerate.

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