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An Absolutely Wonderful Grain Mill!

In this post, Dianne (owner/author of this website) reveals her very favorite appliance for milling einkorn berries/kernels to flour. But, before we get into her top choice for grain mills… how about if we check out the substantial monetary savings that comes with grinding your own grain versus purchasing the already made flour?

A Quick Note
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You’ll Save Money By Milling Your Own Grain

For 10 pounds (160 ounces) of einkorn berries/kernels, the price is a modest $26.00. However, if you purchase 10 pounds (160 ounces) of the already made flour (whole wheat einkorn)… the price is a whopping $33.00. The monetary breakdown… $6.60 for 2 pounds (or 32 ounces) times 5 equals 10 pounds (or 160 ounces) for a total price of $33.00. This is a difference of $7.00 ($33.00 minus $26.00 equals $7.00). Ten pounds (or 160 ounces) of the einkorn, whole wheat flour will yield 6 large loaves (or 12 small to medium size loaves).

The Breakdown For One Loaf Of Bread…

For each large loaf (or for every 2 small to medium size loaves), you’ll need 25 ounces (or a little more than one and a half pounds) of flour. For each large loaf (or for every 2 small to medium size loaves) that you prepare, you’re saving approximately $1.16 if you grind the grain yourself. If you’re an avid bread maker, and you bake 2 large loaves (or 4 small to medium size loaves) per week… this is a yearly savings of $120.00. That’s quite a bit of money! Please, click HERE if you would like to have more reasons for grinding grain DIY style.

Twelve Reasons To Own This Very Special Grain Mill

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1} This incredible grain mill is impressively clean, surprisingly quick and exceptionally quiet.

2} It amazingly grinds an astonishingly 100+ pounds of flour in only an hour’s time.

3} Cleaning the mill is easy peasy and unbelievably quick, and it magnificently mills with very little if any flour dust.

4} It’s also pretty awesome that this grain mill has a flour canister which conveniently doubles as a storage container.

5} Milling with this innovatively designed appliance will provide you the assurance that the grain’s stellar nutrition stays intact.

6} You’ll feel great about this grain mill’s extraordinary lifetime warranty on the milling heads. Also, it has an outstanding 6 year warranty on the motor.

7} You’ll take great pleasure in having flour exactly the way you want it every single time with this grain mill’s 3 marvelous texture settings.

8} You’ll possess the wonderful versatility of having a few options to grind the einkorn kernels anywhere from a fine to a coarse textured flour.

9} You’ll be ecstatic over this grain mill’s generously sized, 8 cup hopper and its self-cleaning, stainless steel, Microburst milling chamber!

10} You’ll get to experience the sheer joy of what it’s like to mill grain near effortlessly with this mill’s fabulously powerful, 1250 watt motor!

11} Since you’ll own a superior grain mill, you’ll be totally free of those all too irritating, 3 common problems of gumming, jamming and glazing.

12} Since this grain mill has passed the world’s most demanding electronic testing and certification standards, you’ll hold the complete confidence that it’s 100% safe to use. FYI, this grain mill has passed the stringent testing required to be certified by UL for the USA, CSA for Canada and CE for Europe and UK.

Very Impressive… Read These Ten Testimonials!

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Works great! By Sara B. in SC – Verified Buyer
This is my first home mill, and so far I’m very happy with it! Made my first loaves of delicious, fresh, whole wheat bread. So good!!

Highly recommend mill
By Sallie C. in ME – Verified Buyer
We’ve had the mill for three months and we love it! It’s very quick, quiet and so very easy to clean! My husband grinds all the wheat and always comments on how fast it is and how easy to clean! Highly recommend the mill!

By Toni M. in OK – Verified Buyer
I am impressed with the quality of the grinding… adjustable from coarse to very fine… and very quick. The mill is well designed and easy to store, the parts fit nicely together. Materials are durable and it’s easy to clean.

Simple to use and fast!!
By Warner K. in OH – Verified Buyer
Used for the first time today and I’m impressed with the speed and clean-up. Simple to use and fast. I was expecting it to be loud and was pleasantly surprised.

Happy with my purchase
By Beth E – Verified Buyer
This grain mill is very effective at grinding wheat berries. I like the setting from fine to coarse. It doesn’t leave dusty flour all over surfaces and in the air like some, thanks to the clever design and seal.

Clean and easy to use…
By Randal H. in MN – Verified Buyer
I am very pleased that we finally went with the WonderMill. We were afraid that it would be too loud but it’s not. We can still talk while its running. Besides, it’s so fast that it’s not on for long. Clean up is not an issue and with the WonderMill our bread is really good-much better than homemade bread that we were making with pre-ground flour from the store. We trade bread for eggs etc. and the folks we’ve been trading with have noticed an improvement in the quality and taste of their bread as well. All are very pleased. The mill also gives the peace of mind that the bread that we eat in our home is healthier and we don’t have to wonder what
chemicals and over processed ingredients we’re eating. Overall, we are very satisfied with the WonderMill.

Great Grinder
By Terry M. in IL – Verified Buyer
Turn the grinder on, pour in the wheat seeds, and out comes the flour in short order. An easy and simple way to grind your flour. I love it!

It is the perfect fit!
By Teresa W. in NC – Verified Buyer
The WonderMill is much quieter than the mill I had previously. It’s lightweight and easy to store when not being used, and grinds my wheat to perfection. I love it so much I bought my daughters one, and they love theirs.

Love, Love, Love this grinder
By Susan M. in NY – Verified Buyer
This awesome grinder grinds grain quickly and relatively quietly. Any grain will make noise, but this is so quick it doesn’t bother me. Flour comes out soft and light. It is compact and the bin can be removed to store flour. Easy to clean and the flour does not go all over the counter. My advice? Get it!

Super Easy To Use
By Donald F. in FL – Verified Buyer
I bake for a living and wanted to mill my own flour with as little effort as possible. This is the easiest, least complicated piece of equipment I’ve found. It mills so fast and the finished product is amazing. For the price don’t wait if you’re considering purchasing the Wonder Mill. It mills beautiful flour that is healthy and nutritious.

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