Recipe For Sockeye Salmon With Crumb Topping

Sockeye Salmon With Crumb Topping
Yield is two adult size portions.

Delicious, Divine Dining With Dianne
Recipe Authored By Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall
My Hebrew name… Makalath Lachaamah Ahmath
“to nourish with bread and truth”

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Wonder no more… Click HERE to find out!

Equipment You’ll Need

1} Measuring cups and spoons

2} Unbleached parchment paper
3} Silicone baking pan

4} Immersion blender
(a.k.a. stick or hand blender)
This particular immersion blender is for multi-purpose use!

5} Pepper grinder, manual
6} Pepper grinder by Oxo

7} Skillet, heavy bottom

Recipe Notes

This recipe may appear to be long and cumbersome, but it’s really quick and super easy.
Here is a great time saving tip that Dianne (owner/author of this website) has to share with you!

Make It Ahead
Be sure to have the crumb mixture prepared ahead of time.
Then, all you’ll have left to do is to 1} thaw the sockeye salmon, 2} thaw the crumb mixture and 3} fashion the marinade.

What There Is To Know
Click HERE for how to safely thaw sockeye salmon.

Ingredients For Crumb Mixture
Tip- Prepare this crumb mixture on a day that you’re not cooking the sockeye salmon.

This amount of crumb mixture is enough for 20 (twenty) ounces of sockeye salmon.
Adjust the amount of crumb mixture you use in relation to how much sockeye salmon you’re preparing.

Bread = 12 ounces
Click HERE for the very special bread that Dianne uses.

Dillweed, cut and dried = 1/4 cup

Olive oil = 1/3 cup

Salt = 2 times a rounded 1/2 teaspoon

Pepper, black (freshly grind) = a very rounded 1/2 teaspoon

Lemon essential oil = 32 drops

Garlic powder = 1/2 teaspoon

Ingredients For The Marinade

This amount of marinade is for 10 (ten) ounces of sockeye salmon.
Adjust this amount of marinade in relation to how much sockeye salmon you’re preparing.

Olive oil = 1-1/2 tablespoons

Salt = a rounded 1/2 teaspoon

Pepper, black (freshly grind) = a rounded 1/2 teaspoon

Note- If you’d like to have a smoky flavor, use either naturally smoked salt or naturally smoked black pepper.

Preparation For Crumb Mixture

1} Pan toast the bread.
Here’s how to do it.

1a} Over medium to high heat, place a heavy bottom skillet on the stove.
1b} Place slices of bread into the dry skillet (no oil, no butter).
1c} Allow bread to pan toast (crisp up) for a few minutes, then flip and repeat.
1d} Continue to pan toast the bread…
Do this until it turns darker brown, emits that wonderful fragrance of caramelization and appears dry and crisp.
Note- To caramelize is to slowly cook a food until it turns sweet, nutty and brown.

2} Use your choice of appliance to turn the bread into crumbs.
For this task, Dianne uses an immersion blender (a.k.a. stick or hand blender).
It will be easier to turn the bread into crumbs if you first break up the bread by hand.

3} Place bread crumbs into a bowl.
Add dillweed, and mix well.
For the time being, move aside the mingled dillweed and bread crumbs.

4} In another bowl…
Stir together olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon and garlic.

5} Use a fork to thoroughly combine dill flavored bread crumbs with lemon-garlic fragrant liquid mixture.
This crumb mixture is double what you need for 10 (ten) ounces of sockeye salmon.
For longest storage, freeze the remaining half portion of the crumb mixture.

Preparation For The Marinade

In a bowl…
Mingle oil, salt and pepper.

Preparation For Sockeye Salmon

1} At 425 degrees Fahrenheit, heat up either the heavy bottom skillet (that’s been lined with parchment paper) or the silicone
baking pan.

2} Make sure that the sockeye salmon has thawed completely.

3} Place the 10 (ten) ounces of sockeye salmon in the marinade…
Liberally coat both sides of it, and use up all of the marinade.

4} Place the marinated sockeye salmon in the silicone baking pan or parchment-lined skillet that’s hot (from being in the oven).

5} Cover the sockeye salmon with the crumb mixture, and then press down on the crumb mixture to compact it.

6} Bake the crumb topped, sockeye salmon for 10 (ten) minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

7} Serve & Enjoy!!!