Recipe For Pickled Garlic (Curative & Condiment)

Too Hot To Handle
With their initial taste of raw garlic, people usually express that wide-eyed, characteristic look of sheer surprise. The popular consensus, “Wow, that’s HOT!” However, after pickled, the highly revered allium is wonderfully mild.

Go Organic
Be sure to use ingredients that are organic.

Delicious, Divine Dining With Dianne
Recipe Authored By Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall
My Hebrew name… Makalath Lachaamah Ahmath
“to nourish with bread and truth”

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A Matter Of Time
Allow a few days for garlic to pickle.

Go Through The Motions
For a quart’s worth…
Place in a glass, quart-size, mason jar:

A Sour Note
White wine vinegar = 2 cups

Salt Of The Earth
Salt (unrefined) = 1 tablespoon, rounded

Stir Things Up
Stir the vinegar and salt till they’re thoroughly mixed.

For The Star Of Our Show
Garlic Bulbs

A Head Start
To secure the 14 ounces of peeled cloves needed, start with garlic heads/bulbs equal to 18 ounces.

Step By Step
Ease open each head/bulb.
Separate and rinse the cloves.
Remove each clove from its paper-like sheath.
Dice garlic cloves into 1/8 inch by 1/8 inch pieces.

Take Five
Before combining this stupendous, cancer-fighting aliment with the salty vinegar…
Wait 5 minutes.
Why wait 5 minutes? For the answer, please refer to the section… It Takes Two.

Going Under
Submerge diced garlic in brine-pickling liquid (salty vinegar), tightly seal jar and refrigerate.

It Takes Two
In separate cells, contained within each clove of garlic is alliinase (an enzyme) and alliin (a sulfur compound). When these two join together via the action of chopping… The creation of allicin, along with a host of secondary constituents, contributes to this nutriment’s remarkable and innumerable therapeutic benefits. One of garlic’s many amazing benefits is that it provides dynamic energy in assisting the body internally and externally with annihilating all stages of parasitic development.

What’s In Store
When kept under refrigeration, pickled garlic stores well for a very long time.

Bright Idea
Compose a revitalizing elixir by diluting 1 tablespoon of the pickling juice in a quarter cup of filtered-purified water.

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