Raw Milk Does The Body Good… Here’s What The Raw Milk Cure Is About & Here’s What It Can Do For You!

The milk cure is one of the most important weapons with which we can combat a whole series of chronic diseases. (Philipp Karell, MD, 1911, p.217)

Is getting quality raw milk as easy as going to the nearest farm? The answer is an emphatic NO! Many people think that drinking raw milk is super healthy, and it certainly is “IF” they get the right milk. But, and it’s a BIG BUT, “IF” they get the wrong milk, it can be detrimental to their health. There’s a whole lot more to know about drinking the right milk in order to be well and stay well. This is where Dianne (owner/author of this website) has a wealth of information that will prove tremendously helpful to you!

Before we get to the information that Dianne has to offer you… Let’s first check out what quality, raw full-fat milk can do in making you well and keeping you well.

“Pasteurized milk from confinement dairies can cause much sickness and many lives,” states Dr. Ron Schmid in his book, “The Untold Story of Milk, Green Pastures, Contented Cows and Raw Dairy Products.”

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Raw milk from pasture fed cows is life giving, healing food. “Raw Milk Cures Many Diseases,” an article written in 1929, by the founder of the Mayo Clinic, John E. Crewe M.D., documents raw milk tackling problems of chronic disease such as brain and nerve disorders, asthma, neuralgia, fluid retention, liver disease, heavy metal poisoning, malnutrition, kidney disease, kidney stones, diabetes, gastric disturbances, obesity, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, poor digestion, diarrhea, constipation and heart disease.

There are many healing properties of raw milk. As a secreted substance, the fluid portion of milk is similar to blood serum. Blood is the chief agent of metabolism. The Raw Milk Cure requires a regimen of drinking strictly raw milk for a minimum of four weeks. This Raw Milk Cure increases blood volume that brings healing to cells, tissues and organs. The Raw Milk Cure was used successfully to treat disease up until the pharmaceutical industry persuaded physicians to use drugs instead of raw milk.

Dr. John E. Crewe stated, “The results (from the Raw Milk Cure), obtained in various types of disease, have been so uniformly excellent that one’s conception of disease and its alleviation is necessarily changed. The method itself is so simple that it does not greatly interest most doctors.”

In a short period of time and in today’s conventional medical industry, raw milk went from medical cure to being discouraged and often condemned. As Upton Sinclair stated, “It is very difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it.”

Organic Pastures Dairy hired a laboratory to perform an experiment. The lab added ten million counts of pathogens to one-milliliter samples of organic raw milk. They found that the pathogens would NOT grow, and the pathogens also died off. The lab concluded, “Raw milk and colostrum do NOT appear to support the growth of pathogens.”

The milk cure is based upon Nature’s most simple laws. It’s adapted to all complaints of a chronic nature, and it’s especially indicated in those ills having their origin in the digestive tract (consequent upon mal-assimilation of food and the resulting malnutrition). (Howard Hill, 1911, p.6)

In 1911, Benedict Lust published a series of articles about a lecture given by Philipp Karell, MD, the Imperial Russian Court Physician and Privy Counselor, who had practiced medicine for 34 years in the mid-19th century. Dr Karell had treated several-hundred severe and complicated cases using the “milk cure,” and he shared numerous cases in order to demonstrate the efficacy of the therapy.

The French physician, S. A. Chretien, published, in the year of 1831, cases of dropsy [edema] that were treated using the milk cure. His successor, Serre d’Alais, gave “a report of more than 60 cases of different kinds of dropsy that he treated within five years and that he resolved through the milk cure.” (Karell, 1911, p.219)

In a 1900 article, Lust writes that milk was useful for a wide variety of conditions. Lust cites milk as being effective “to increase a patient’s strength, to improve the condition of the blood and the humors by means of a somewhat more nourishing diet, as in convalescence after exhausting diseases, such as scarlet fever, diphtheria, typhus, et cetera.; also after painful deliveries; in scrofulous, rickets and consumption.” (Lust, 1900, p.180)

“Natural milk, allowed to sour, will not putrefy. But, if the milk has been pasteurized or sterilized, the germs of fermentation have been destroyed that gives the germs of putrefaction a chance.” (Drews, 1916, p.120)

“Thick and curdled milk can also be recommended. It’s more easily digestible than fresh milk, because the first stages of digestion, the coagulation of the albumen, has already been accomplished.” (Lust, 1900, p.180)

When Philip Karell and Howard Hill had patients who complained of adverse effects from drinking milk, there view was as follows. Flatulence, vomiting, and other digestive symptoms experienced during the milk cure, indicated that the problem was not with the milk. Rather, these uncomfortable conditions were due to the patient having an unhealthy body.

Hill writes, “No healthy stomach refuses Nature’s first food, milk; this is positive proof of an unhealthy interior and it shows how badly a ‘house cleaning’ is needed.” (Hill, 1911, p.4)

Lust saw milk intolerance occurring when people with “weak stomachs” suddenly began to drink large amounts of milk. The latter-stated caused the milk proteins to coagulate and form large, undigested clumps in the stomach. He recommended that people with weak stomachs drink milk by the mouthful, and he also recommended that they eat a little bit of bread at the same time in order to prevent coagulation. (Lust, 1900, p.180)

Our early naturopathic doctors observed that the relationship between digestive imbalance and emergence of chronic diseases was interrelated.

Another author on the milk cure, Howard Hill, writes in the first paragraph of his booklet, “There is little doubt that most of our bodily troubles, other than those arising through accident, have their origin in the digestive tract or alimentary canal. They are due to a clogged system, brought about by overtaxing the digestive organs 1) with too much food, and 2) with improper foods… foods that do not nourish or foods that yield only a minimum of nourishment. The result is an excess of uric acid, and it’s this excess of uric acid that irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestinal tract. This excess of uric acid, that’s being taken up by the blood, is gradually poisoning the entire system.” (Hill, 1911, p.1)

Karell’s use of the milk cure was incredibly successful (especially in cases that defied medicine). He writes, “I can state as a fact, according to my own experiences, that the milk cure surpasses all the other means of treatment that are known to me. This is so in all cases of dropsy, in asthma and in obstinate neuralgia that came from the abdomen. (Karell, 1911, p.220)

For those patients beginning the milk cure, Karell’s instructions were to abstain from all other foods. He emphasized to these patients that their milk portions be small, then they could increase them gradually. Karell’s patients were long-time sufferers of illness, and all of the available medical interventions that they tried had failed. When these patients came to Karell, they had used up all of their options and the milk cure was their last hope. The milk cure was conducted for several weeks, and Karell’s patients often continued to drink the milk after they were healed. His extensive experience, with using the milk cure, proved to him that combining the milk cure with other foods was not nearly as effective as when he had his patients drink the milk exclusively. If patients became thirsty on the milk cure, water was permitted.

If the bowels rumbled and diarrhea occurred, too much milk had been consumed. (Karell, 1911, p.297)

If a patient vomited bile and mucous, it was thought that the products of mal-assimilation, which the milk simply stirred up, were being evacuated. (Hill, 1911, p.5)

Case Of Angina
A 67-aged man had suffered with angina pectoris. For many years, he had also suffered with vertigo. He had shortness of breath, he had catarrh of the lungs, and he suffered with edema in his legs and his feet. Upon examination, the man had accelerated superficial breathing, abnormal heart sounds, an enlarged abdomen, a pulse over 90, and his tongue was intensely red with two yellow stripes in the middle. The man was unable to lie in a horizontal position at night, thus he needed to sit upright when he was in bed. He experienced shooting pains in the left side of his chest and in the region of the heart. Along with all of the previously stated, his urination was sparse and dark in color. (Karell, 1911, p.362)

Desperate For Healing
This man had tried all known remedies, and he had no success with any of them. The man’s physician exhausted all of his options, and then the man consented to the milk cure that Karell administered. After 5 weeks, his urine discharge increased and this relieved the edema of his legs. Also, his heart sounds returned to normal. “About eight weeks later, the man was at his pulpit, and he enjoys perfect health.” (Karell, 1911, p.363)

Charles Porter, MD, used the milk cure to reduce high blood pressure, stabilize body temperatures in anemic patients and normalize body weight (in both the underweight and overweight). Porter, like Hill and Karell, had much to say about the milk cure. These clinicians all claimed impressive clinical successes. Porter had over 32 years of experience with the milk cure, and he listed over 40 diseases that he healed by using it. They include obesity, colitis, neuralgia, Bright’s disease, early stages of consumption, goiter, paralysis, leukemia, Addison’s, et cetera. (Porter, 1917, p.310)

Hill states, “Milk is one of the most wonderful of all Nature’s products, and it’s a perfect food. In its purest form, milk contains every element of nutrition that an adult’s human body requires. It’s also a potent remedy for all kinds of chronic maladies.” (Hill, 1911, p.2)

Now, as we promised, here’s the information that Dianne has to help you get well and stay that way.

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