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If you’re not already aware… There’s massive fraudulent activity within the olive oil industry, and it’s very difficult to know exactly how to avoid all of those fake olive oils out there in the world. Here’s where you can be 100% confident that you’re buying authentic, organic, extra-virgin, olive oil!

To save the most money, order the 3 liter Lakonia Tin.
3 liters = 3 quarts, 5+ ounces for each tin

Click HERE for their sublime, organic EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)!

Save Money On Tins Of Olive Oil!
1} Click on the link, or click on the banner for the olive oil.
2} Add to the shopping cart one of the 3 options for bottled olive oil.
3} Scroll over “SHOP NOW,” and then a drop-box will appear.
4} Click “SHOP OLIVE OIL,” and select your favorite tin package.
5} Remove the bottle of olive oil (that you initially added) from your shopping cart.

“This Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very nice. It’s buttery, smooth and fresh tasting. The thickness of the oil is perfect to the palate.”
Sister Val from Minnesota

Deuteronomy 8:8… “A land of wheat, and barley, and vines, and fig trees, and pomegranates; a land of OIL OLIVE, and honey.”

Simply The Best!
Authenticity guaranteed, lovingly produced in Greece, cold extracted, 100% organic, extra-virgin olive oil from sustainably sourced and hand picked Koroneiki olives that have been pressed within 24 hours of harvest!

Dianne’s preference is the Lakonia Tin (3 liters = 3 quarts, 5+ ounces for each tin) of their outstanding EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).

Click HERE to experience the spectacular taste of what Dianne calls… the superstar of olive oils!

Oil Up For Beauty
Are you aware that EVOO also has a plethora of uses for skin, nail and hair care? It’s wonderful as a cleansing and moisturizing scrub for the face and body (mingle it with any unrefined salt), and it’s awesome as an anti-aging treatment for the face and neck (combine it with a bit of pure raw honey and essential oils). To boot, EVOO works marvelously as both a shave cream and makeup remover. What’s more, use the EVOO to heal wounds by mixing it with some wine or vinegar (Luke 10:34). With all this stated, get slick and oil up!

Famous Last Words
Do you know that a private chef to the celebrities uses this very EVOO in their culinary preparations?

Interesting Tidbits
Only once per year, we hand-harvest each one of our olive trees.
In order to fill a 3 liter tin of olive oil, we press the olives from an entire tree!
FYI- 3 liters equals a little more than 3 quarts and 5 ounces of olive oil.

Olives From Morocco… Buy Them Here

Auzoud… Set up an account

Please, help the women of Africa… read this company’s social mission.
Free shipping if order is $50+

Olives from Morocco, (grown & traditionally cured)
In addition, these black olives are hand-picked which makes all the difference in their quality. FYI, the word “auzoud” means “olive” in the African language.

Click HERE to watch a great video about olive oil, and click HERE to watch an awesome video about the healing properties of olive leaf!