Milling Einkorn Berries To Flour

If prepping your own flour, here are the steps to take. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! You’ll need to 1} cleanse the einkorn berries, 2} dry off the water from them and 3} mill the berries to flour.

Step #1: Cleanse the einkorn berries. Place the einkorn berries into a glass mason jar (wide mouth, 64 ounce size), and fill the jar no more than three quarters of the way.
Step #2: Add enough filtered-purified water to cover over the einkorn berries by a few inches.
Step #3: Use the two-piece lid that came with the glass mason jar, seal up the jar and shake vigorously.
Step #4: Take off the two-piece lid, and use a strainer lid to pour off the water from the einkorn berries.

Click HERE (or, click on the graphic that’s shown below) to check out the strainer lid that Dianne really likes.

Step #5: To thoroughly cleanse the einkorn berries, repeat this procedure one more time.
Step #6: Place the einkorn berries into a dehydrator machine, and dry them at a temperature no higher than 112 degrees Fahrenheit. You may first need to line the dehydrator trays with parchment paper (so that the einkorn berries don’t get stuck in the holes of the trays).
You’re going to need parchment paper later on in the bread-making process. So, why not make sure that you have it on hand?

Click HERE (or, click on the graphic that’s shown below) to check out Dianne’s top choice for parchment paper.

Before you mill the einkorn berries, the berries must be good and dry. It’s best to leave the einkorn berries in the dehydrator for at least 24 hours in order to completely dry them.

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If you need a grain mill, Dianne recommends this one.
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If you own a Blendtec or Vitamix, they will do the job of milling the einkorn berries to flour.

Checklist… Planning Ahead
Be sure that you have all of these items.
You certainly don’t need to get Dianne’s recommendations for any of these items, but if you want to check out any one of the items that she recommends… just click on that particular item (each item will open up in a new tab for your ultra convenience while online shopping).

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1} Half gallon (wide mouth, 64 ounce, top opening is 4.47″ in diameter), glass mason jar, (transparent)
Go with Walmart’s free in-store pickup, or if you’re ordering $35+… shipping is free.
Click HERE to get these jars from

2} Nut milk bag, (quality is key here)

3} Kitchen scale, (one that’s accurate and easy to read)

4} Silicone spatula set, (chef designed makes all the difference)

5} Flour sack towels, (durable and 100% cotton)

6} Strainer lid, (one size fits all standard wide mouth mason jars)
You need this strainer lid only if you’re milling einkorn berries to flour DIY style.

7} Parchment paper, (unbleached and eco friendly)

8} Kitchen timer, (an indispensible tool when food prepping)

9} Dehydrator machine, it’s electric, (with digital thermostat and timer)
You need a dehydrator only if you’re milling einkorn berries to flour DIY style.

10} Grain mill, (this one is the very best)
If you have a Blendtec or Vitamix, these machines will work to grind the einkorn berries to flour.

You’re on your way! Click HERE to get going with prepping the wild yeast starter culture!