Help With Online Shopping

Help, please!
I’ve checked out the post… Shop Online For Quality. But, how do I shop online?

Where To Begin

If saving money is something you enjoy, be sure to sign up for the cash back program on this website. Refer to the end of this post, or click HERE for the details of the program. If you’d like an automatic reminder to use the cash back program every time you shop online, be sure to do your online shopping using Google’s internet browser (like Dianne does). Don’t know how to install the Google Chrome browser? It’s too easy, and you can click HERE for a video on exactly how to do it. Woohoo, money back when I shop… sounds like a plan!

1} When shopping online, Dianne advises that you use either a desktop or laptop computer. Online shopping via either a desktop or laptop computer is so much easier than if you use a cell phone to online shop!

2} This point that Dianne is about to bring to your attention may “seem like” it’s common knowledge. Nevertheless, Dianne feels the need to speak out about the issue. She strongly advises that you avoid placing any online orders when you’re lacking all the focus that’s necessary to properly complete this particular task. The same thing goes for when you’re short on time, tired, distressed, overwhelmed, et cetera.

Where To Shop

Find the online store from where you want to buy this and that food (and/or product). There will be a * symbol before and after the name of each online store. Examples of this are as follows… *Vitacost*, **, *Jovial*, *Food To Live*, *Salt Works*, *Auzoud*, et cetera.

Set Up An Account

It’s a really good idea to set up an account with each one of the online stores (from where you’d like to place an order). To make setting up an account super easy for you, Dianne had her IT guy place a link behind the name of each online store (example, *Jovial*). Notice, *Jovial* has an underline, and this is exactly how people can tell that word/words are clickable. This stated, just click on the name of an online store to set up your account with them. You’ll then be on the section of that online store’s website where you can set up your account. It’s completely free to set up an account, and by setting up an account with each online store… you’ll save yourself a huge headache when you order from them.

Tip To Remember Account Info

It’s very wise to write down the name of each online store (from where you’d like to place an order), and along with the name of each online store… write down the user name and password that’s associated with your account. Keep this information in a secure place (where it’s hidden away from other people), but make sure it’s in a place where you’re able to find it whenever you need it.

Review All Of The Foods & Products

Underneath the name of each online store (example, *Vitacost*), you’ll notice a list of foods (and other products) that Dianne has already researched for quality. Please understand that Dianne absolutely does NOT advocate all of the other foods (and/or all of the other products) that the online store has for sale. Dianne recommends only those foods/products that are 1} fitting according to Scripture and 2} of a high quality.

Shop Online For Quality & Price

Sure, you can get most of these foods/products from a grocery and/or health food store. However, you’ll pay a whole lot more for them, and/or you’ll have an extremely difficult time finding them at the quality standard that’s in accordance with Scripture.
Regarding the people who deeply care about their state of health, these same people also give serious concern to the quality of the food they eat. The same thing goes for the products that they use on their body and to clean up around their home. The question Dianne has for you is this one… are you amongst this latter group of people? In John 5:6, “He (Lord Christ) saith unto him, Wilt
thou be made whole?”

Select Particular Foods & Products

Now, it’s time to select a food (and/or a product), and click on it. Remember, when there’s an underline underneath of a word/s… this indicates a link. NOTE: These are foods (and products) that Dianne personally consumes/uses. After you click on the food (or product), then please understand… you will have left Dianne’s website of You’ll then be on the online store’s website (where you can purchase the food or product) that the company offers for sale. Also, you’ll now be subject to that online store’s particular terms of agreement and privacy policy.

Each Link Opens In New Tab

For all of the online stores, Dianne had her IT guy set up each link to open in a new tab. This allows you to conveniently and easily explore each online store’s website as much as you’d like (without needing to repeatedly hit the “back button” in order to return to iLoveToLiveWell’s Shop Online For Quality). To return to iLoveToLiveWell’s Shop Online For Quality, simply click on that “particular” tab and continue on with your shopping adventure. Clicking back and forth between tabs is what people call… “toggling” between tabs. Each tab will remain open till you manually close it. To manually close a tab, simply click the X. This is what people call… “x-ing out” of a tab.

Check Out This Example
Enlarge the graphic that’s shown below by clicking on it.

You’ll notice 4 tabs. Showing from left to right… Tab #1 is the “About” page ( Tab #2 is the post, “Shop Online For Quality” ( Tab #3 is “Discount Vitamins, Supplements” (website, Vitacost). Tab #4 is “Auzoud” (which is also the name of the website). Once you click on the tab, this is when the name of the website will appear. In this illustration, you can tell the open tab is the “About” page ( The tabs that you’re not accessing will always be a different color from that of the tab that you have open. In this illustration, the 3 tabs that are not being accessed have a light blue background. The tab that is open is the one with a white background. X out of whatever tabs you no longer want to have open. Do your online shopping by toggling back and forth between tabs. Select the food (and/or product) from “Shop Online For Quality” (, and add it to your online shopping cart from wherever it is that you’re shopping (*Vitacost*, *Auzoud*, et cetera…). Repeat the latter stated till you’re finished shopping with that particular online store, and then it’s time to check out your order. Look at you go you online shopping pro… have fun!

Foods & Products… Organic & Inorganic

It’s best to click on the food (or the product) that Dianne has listed underneath the name of each online store, and the reason being… some of these online stores offer both organic and inorganic foods (and/or products). An excellent example of this is **. They have ORGANIC, Turkish dried figs. And, they also have INORGANIC, Turkish dried figs. Dianne has taken the time to eliminate any/all of the hassle and confusion for you. Pretty cool, huh?

Sales Tax & Shipping Foods & Products

Now, begin to place your order with that particular online store. Shipping may or may not be “free” for you (depending on that online store’s rules). Underneath the name of each online store, Dianne makes you aware of their particular shipping policy. Please understand, there’s really no such thing as “free” shipping… it’s just that shipping may or may not be included in the price you pay. There’s NO sales tax on food, but be aware… there’s usually sales tax charged on non-food items.

Check & Re-Check Your Online Order

Go nice and slow as you ever so carefully review your entire online order. Dianne cannot emphasize enough the importance of doing this thing!!! Be sure to conscientiously review each specific food/product (including the size, such as 32 ounces or 1 pound), the quantity of each food/product (such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, et cetera… of the food/product), the price in relation to the quantity of each food/product (such as $5.00 for one of the foods/products or $10.00 for two of the foods/products), your current mailing address (for shipping to you the foods/products), your current billing info (current mailing address in addition to your current credit card number and related info) plus the shipping method you chose along with any related shipping charges. Also, check to be 100% positive that you entered any/all discount codes, and check to be 100% positive that the discount/s were indeed applied to your online order. It’s ULTRA IMPORTANT for people to double check their order if they’re using a company’s “bill to, ship to” option. This “bill to, ship to” option is available for the people who want to pay for the foods (and/or the products), but these same people want to have the shipment sent elsewhere. A couple of really good examples of this is when 1} someone is giving a gift to someone else, or 2} they’re temporarily staying somewhere other than their normal residence (for whatever the reason). Ooh, here are a couple of other super important things! Check your email inbox for a receipt from the online store where you placed an order. Once your order arrives, make quite sure that you received exactly what you’re supposed to receive. Concerning the latter stated, it’s NOT wise to rely on your memory… it’s best to compare what’s on your email receipt to what you actually received.

Buy More & Save More

Keep in mind, the more you buy… the more you save. A fantastic example of this is shopping with the company, Food To Live. Take their organic dried figs, for instance. For just 1 pound of these figs, you’ll be shelling out the hefty amount of $15.50. Now, check out what happens when you purchase a greater quantity of them. By buying 2 pounds, you save a whopping $13.00+. The total cost for 2 pounds is $17.50, and this means the price per pound has dropped all the way down to $8.75. Buy 4 pounds, and the price dips to an even more attractive low of $29.00 ($7.25 per pound). For their organic dried figs, how does a little more than $5.00 per pound sound to you? Get this special price by spending $42.50 for 8 pounds, and rejoice in a substantial savings of over $80.00 (when compared to the price for one pound)! When shopping online, it’s essential to pay careful attention to the details. For whatever reason, the dollar amount is a bit higher with the 16 pounds and the 28 pounds.

Group Deals

If it’s challenging for you to buy in bulk (or purchase wholesale), why not consider forming a “group buy” (a.k.a. Tuán Gòu, team buying or group deals). A “group buy” is when a community of people come together, and they leverage their collective purchasing power to obtain foods and/or products at a significantly lesser price (better prices for each individual buyer who is part of the group).

If you have a question that hasn’t been asked yet, feel free to ask your question by using the “chat” feature that’s on this website.

Q: Are there money-saving coupons available for any of the online stores?

A: Yes! Money-saving coupons are available throughout the year, and during this world’s “holidays”… there’s usually always a sale going on. If you’d like to know about every single sale that’s going on for some or all of the online stores, sign up for each online store’s email newsletter. Don’t want to clog up your personal email inbox with newsletters from this and that online store? Why not set up a special email address for signing up and receiving them? Check, problem solved!

Q: After I placed an order with an online store, why am I now receiving emails from them?

A: Sigh, this does happen. If you don’t want to receive email communications from a particular online store, just click their “unsubscribe button” at the bottom of their email. Sometimes, in order to “unsubscribe”… you’ll have to click on the words… manage your email preferences.

Q: Why are there four headings for the online store, Vitacost?

A: Regarding the online store Vitacost, here’s what each one of the four headings mean.

1} Vitacost Sale
This heading has the details for any current sale that Vitacost is having. You may notice the words… New Sale Coming Soon! Sorry, This Sale Has Ended. If this be the case, you missed that particular sale. However, be sure to check the very same heading for a brand new sale. Usually, at any given time… there’s a sale for a singled out category. Examples of the various categories are as follows… “beauty,” “food,” “vitamins and supplements,” et cetera. Sometimes, there’s a super sale on anything and everything that you buy! This is definitely the time to get everything you need from Vitacost… food, personal care and cleaning products. Woohoo, save money and stock up!

2} Vitacost Food
Underneath this heading, you’ll notice a list of nourishing foods and aromatic seasonings. YUM!

3} Vitacost Personal Care
Underneath this heading, you’ll notice items related to caring for your body. Lookin’ good!

4} Vitacost Cleaning Products
Underneath this heading, you’ll notice a list of products that are great for cleaning up around the home. Dirt, stains and odors… be gone!

Q: Why is the same exact food showing up in the list for more than one online store?

A: Dianne did this thing because certain foods and seasonings tend to go “out of stock” frequently, and she wants you to be aware of another online store from where you can purchase that particular food and/or seasoning. Ooh, too awesome!

How do I receive my cash back?
Here’s what to do. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1} If you don’t already have it, download the Google browser. It does not have to be your default browser. Just be sure to use the Google browser whenever you shop online. Click HERE to watch an instructional video for how to install the Google browser.

2} Sign up or sign into your account for the cash back program.

3} Once you’re in your Ebates-Rakuten account… You’ll notice the graphic that’s shown below, and all you need to do is click “Get The Button” for the Ebates-Rakuten tool bar.

NOTE: When the Ebates-Rakuten button (for cash back) is active, it will be the color of purple. When it’s inactive, the color will be gray. If the purchase you’re making qualifies for cash back, there will be a popup. Just click the popup to activate the cash back for that purchase. If you don’t notice a popup (on what you know to be a qualifying purchase), you may need to adjust the settings on your ad blocker.