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Here’s How The Story Goes
Connecting The Dots
In July of 1995, I was formally introduced to a certain someone. This person would go on to have a great impact on my life. This intriguing individual led me down a path of understanding that I could have never imagined. At this precise time… In body, mind, emotions and spirit… I began to truly comprehend the astonishing, intricate connection between what I ate and how I functioned. On this specific subject matter… It’s all of what this person said that I hadn’t heard prior, and this was what vehemently grabbed my undivided attention. My curiosity was sparked. If actuating a dramatic change in what I ate would help me, I definitely had a strong motivating force.

Sick & Tired … Change Is On The Horizon
Under what seemed like never-ending medical care and sorely disappointed in how I felt, this gal happily put into motion a real serious commitment to eat for wellness. “I will, I will,” I enthusiastically uttered. I was chock-full of good intentions. I sure was tired of my drab and dreary physical self.

Beautiful Stranger
At a picnic is where I met this certain someone. This someone was a professing Christian, exceptionally nice and super insightful. The big bonus… He was a strikingly handsome man, he was close to my age and he was available. Woohoo!

He Popped The Question
This well spoken and captivatingly so, lovable guy proposed to me these profound words… “Why would anyone not eat for wellness?”

A Real Charmer
The savoir faire of this charming fella, as my Mom’s mother would say if she had met him, won over my left-brain logic.

Makes Perfect Sense
I couldn’t deny the glaringly obvious in this male cutie’s presentation. My mind raced, “It absolutely does make perfect sense to eat with health as the priority.”

Why Was I So Interested In What He Had To Say
Inquiring Minds Want To Know … What Was So Wrong With Me
It’s important to note: Despite having great faith… Until I adopted changes in lifestyle, I experienced a continuous struggle with my state of health.

What Suffering
According to my Mom… Her precious, little baby girl suffered through horrendous, near death convulsions and the uncomfortableness of measles. Her cherished and only daughter enters into womanhood and oh, the memories. I was heavily burdened with awful bouts of acne… this mostly happened in my latter teen years and during my twenties, unattractive crooked teeth and the popular so-called solution… those all too annoying braces that I wore in my mid-teen years, exhausting battles of bronchitis… this especially occurred in my upper teen years and throughout my twenties, weakening viral infections, a severe case of scoliosis… this I endured at the age of 15-16… this resulted in a cumbersome, full-body apparatus for 1½ years. Then, I bore the brunt of unmerciful affliction with the related spinal surgery. I also traveled the roads of intense fatigue, scary heart palpitations and agonizing constipation. This was all added to the taxing distresses with my eyes and debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. At age 19… I clearly recall the terrific anguish I displayed because of an excruciatingly painful, kick-start to my menstrual cycle. It actually hurt to breathe. I keeled over with such ferocious twinges, aches and pangs. These discomforts could have knocked down a horse!

Let’s Face The Situation … I’m Now Breaking Out
Concerning the acne condition… I was deeply disturbed, downtrodden and desperate. Therefore, I sought help from the University of Pennsylvania. I was prescribed a bunch of diverse antibiotics. What did I do? I naively swallowed down these chemical concoctions and day after day, I went through this tedious drudgery. In a diffident state of mind and devoid of understanding to spare me a regime of pill-popping… I was stuck way high in the sky in that dreamy, wish upon a star hope of eventually sporting crystal clear, silky smooth, beautiful skin. Thus, each and every appointment… I also hesitantly tolerated abrasive, topical treatments that were administered by the dermatologist himself. When all these things miserably failed and I was left in dire straits, I fearfully acquiesced to the drastic measure of Accutane… Isotretinoin. In a poor defense, I can only conclude… I marched mindlessly to the orders of doctor knows best. What was I thinking? Surely, I was completely and utterly out of my mind.

See What I Went Through
Regarding the eyesight issues, it would take an eyebrow raising amount of ink to print the ton of documentation recorded by Wills Eye Hospital and Scheie Eye Institute. To name but a few… I unfortunately experienced situations with glaucoma, cataracts, the cornea… this led to a corneal transplant, inorganic mineral deposits, calcium carbonate-lime, detachment of retina and blood hemorrhage.

Illness Management Or Healing
Here’s a jolting, wake up call. Once again, here I am at the doctor’s office for this or that thing. My well-degreed physician said, “I’ll be right with you. I have to take my insulin shot.” Talk about a head spinning, brain teaser of a moment turned sobering, reality check. Diagnosis from this particular event… chills up my spine and nervous trembling.

They Were Of No Help To Me
Regarding the arthritic condition and eyesight challenges… For over a quarter century, I was treated by a slew of extremely educated physicians and specialists. Not one of them could restore me… not one of them. What came from this torture… just the torture. All of them left me worse off and still well wishing. It wasn’t like these medical professionals didn’t have enough time to figure things out. Talk about a dog chasing its tail… These physicians went around and around in circles, and they got absolutely nowhere. There’s the bright yellow light to caution… the boldness of red for stop… read the signs… here it is… the Granddaddy of them all… This is a dead end street. Turn, and go another way!

Sharing My Feelings
For a great portion of my life, I felt trapped in a constant struggle and losing battle. I felt alone, confused, frustrated, afraid, depressed, angry, deeply saddened and hopeless, belittled, life was unfair, imprisoned, victimized, suicidal, doomed to doctors for the rest of my life and ill from all of the unnatural substances.

More On The Matter
I was introduced to this world by the pull of forceps, bottle fed formula, vaccinated, and by 5 years of age… I was medically diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Sitting in front of my bedroom window, tears freely flowed from my sad blue eyes as I watched the kids play on my avenue. Why? Due to severe swelling from the arthritic condition, I was the child who had to sit on her bed with right knee and ankle elevated. Then, soon after… here come the eyesight challenges. Both of my parents tobacco smoked, therefore… my home environment was a toxic fog. Much of the food in house was from a package, box, bottle, can, jar, etc. Twenty-six years of allopathic treatments followed. But now, at 50+ years of age… my life is so much different.

Well Wishing
Included in those 26 years of medical treatments are 20+ eye surgeries. What is the outcome of all these eye surgeries? In the words of a doctor who treats through natural means and who is an eye care specialist… “Dianne, Because of the iatrogenic illness you now suffer from, there’s nothing I can do to improve your vision.” “Iatrogenic,” I inquired? “Allopathic doctor caused disease,” the doctor explained. At this particular moment, the reality really hit me. It was like a ton of bricks just fell upon my head. I thought to myself… “Dianne, Because of all those medical treatments that you suffered through, the opportunity you did have to reverse the eyesight condition… Sure enough, it has been stolen from you.” On that day, I cried a river of tears. You see, by this time… I had lost enough eyesight that I needed to be led around. As the doctor revealed this heartbreaking information to me, Paul was right by my side. “Except for praying that a miracle will happen… Dianne, there’s nothing I can offer you to bring about your eyesight,” so the Doc stated. After the initial shock, I eventually responded with these words… “It’s a good thing I believe in miracles, huh!”

Oh, My Back
Taken Back… There’s more heartache to share. In addition to the debilitating arthritis and intense eye challenges, I received the nearly unbearable news that I had scoliosis. At age 15, a good portion of my body was imprisoned inside of a Milwaukee brace or cervico-thoraco-lumbo-sacral orthosis or CTLSO. I was trapped in this cumbersome piece of equipment for 23 hours of each day, and I distressed in this full-torso brace for 1½ years. If you’d like to see it, you can obtain a photo by Googling Milwaukee brace. After the 1½ years of wearing this horrendous thing, this is what I was told. “Dianne, the brace didn’t do the job… you now must undergo surgery,” the doctor said. This was a major back operation, and in fact… the surgery was so the medical doctor could implant a Harrington rod in me. The rod is made of stainless steel, and from the early 1960’s to the late 1990’s… up to one million people had Harrington rods implanted in them for scoliosis.

Hooked On Drugs
I was given morphine for the tremendous back pain, and I became addicted to it. Here I was… Miss Anti-Drugs, and now I was addicted to one.

The Patient Is Losing Blood
During this tedious operation, I had lost quite a bit of blood. In the amount of several pints, the doctor gave me a blood transfusion.

Could Things Get Any Worse
Following the back surgery… I was bound by a horribly uncomfortable body cast, and I was bedridden for 6 months. For the time I was in a hospital in Philadelphia PA, these so-called medical professionals left me to recuperate in a room with someone in a state of schizophrenia. At nighttime and on a daily basis, this woman threatened to kill me just because and needless to say… I didn’t sleep much. Is it any wonder why I felt like the epitome of a teenage girl who had sunken to the lowest depths of depression?

The Juicy Details
For The Love Of Health… With one hand in a bowl of potato chips and the other hand lifting a glass of sugary sweet tea to my lips, Mr. Watermelon Juice introduced himself to me. If wishing could have turned that juice into a thin crispy crusted, garlicky white pizza with extra cheese… I would have been set. It was 1995, I’m at the most boring July 4th picnic party… Here’s this good-looking, single guy who is near my age, and he is offering me a drink of his scratch-made melon juice with the rind. What a bummer! How did I arrive here where the singing is mediocre at best, the piano playing is nothing short of yawn worthy, everyone else who was present easily doubled my age and to boot… some of the people there had fallen asleep. Besides the snoring, to top off the exciting festivities was a health lesson about the nutrient-density of watermelon rind. It’s no wonder I drifted, “I wonder what it would be like to experience the tasteful adventure whereby drops of honey are raining down upon me?” From that July 4th day forward, Mr. Watermelon Juice presented me with lots of healthy inspiration. To this day, I still wonder how anyone can get that enthusiastic over watermelon juice with the rind.

Under Investigation
Yes, Please… Speak To Me
Our Journey Of Health… Since that July 4th… Paul, a.k.a. Mr. Watermelon Juice, hasn’t left my side. Regarding health, Paul revealed to me things I had not heard before. WOW! Investigation was in order. I wanted details. When I found out I could have a computer talk to me, I was all ears. “Really,” I thought? I secured this too cool, speak-it-to-me software. With faint vision, I was content to rely solely upon my hearing via this sophisticated speech system. I memorized the keyboard, learned how to use a computer plus this technologically advanced, voice activation. I was extremely motivated. But, before I found out I could get software for a computer to speak to me… Together, Paul and I read several books about healthy living. Along with him, Paul asked me to explore how to live well. Yes, someone tell me how to live well. Two more men arrive on the scene, and I enter the fast track.

Seeking Health
Tragically, in 1993… I painfully faced the harsh reality of life in a near sightless state. That’s correct, when I met Paul… I was without eyesight. In those years of 1995-96, dramatic changes took place with lots of healthful goings-on. Paul and I read 2 inspiring books on fasting… each book written by a prominent man in the health field. WOW, my level of motivation went sky high. I was so excited about all the miracles that could take place during an extended fast.

I’m Moving Out
I explained to Paul… I don’t have my parents’ support regarding the various healthful things I want to do. I lovingly yet boldly stated to my parents, “I’m moving out.” With absolutely no disrespect to my parents, it’s just that I had quite enough with going the medical route. For the sake of getting well, I moved in with Paul. Our relationship was strictly one of friendship… there was no romance whatsoever. Paul encouraged me, motivated me, supported me and helped me. My Dad and Mom adored Paul, and even before any formal introduction took place… My mother called Paul out as her son-in-law, and this she did in the church parking lot. “Joanne, I don’t think so… what about that woman and child we see with him?” With these words, my Mom answered my Dad… “That’s probably Paul’s sister and her little boy.”

How’s The Family
I continued to enjoy a close relationship with my parents, but now that I was on my own… I did my own thing.

The Two Don’t Mix
As far as I was concerned, adhering to Scripture along with seeking the Holy Father through much prayer and then doctoring via the allopathic/medical system was like mixing oil and water. No matter how hard someone tries to combine them, oil and water do not mix… the two always separate from one another. “I’m so out of that mess, I’m completely done with it,” I confidently proclaimed to Paul and myself. Since numerous people thought I was radical, and this includes the professing Christian people I was around… I confided in Paul exclusively. Paul was all about me not doctoring, and he use to say… “Look at what these physicians have put you through, and you’re not any better but you’re actually worse.”

I Quit … I’m Over It
I 100% called it quits with the allopathic community, and I dumped all their prescription eye meds. I was overwhelmingly discouraged with medical treatments, and yet this still is a gross understatement. “I’m finally FREED from this bondage,” I joyfully declared!

The Fast Track
I prepped before I fasted, and I fasted whereby… I drank purified water only. I didn’t set any time restriction for the fast, and through daily prayer… I trusted the Heavenly Father to guide me. I felt led to end this fast after 19 consecutive days, and during this entire time Paul took total care of me. He also re-read the fasting books to me, and now… it’s off to see the doctor.

I Want To Live Well
Here Paul and I are at an office located in Northern New Jersey, and we’re sitting in front of an internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing. He also authored one of the two books on fasting that Paul and I read. Long story short… After this M.D. board-certified family physician and health-fitness enthusiast/nutrition researcher thoroughly examined me, I couldn’t believe what he wanted me to do. Now, mind you… Only a few weeks had past since that 19-day water fast, and here was this highly educated man asking me to do an additional fast of 7 days with water only. Paul let me know that he would be right by my side, and Mr. M.D. reminded me of my goal which was to live well. A young lady in her early to mid-30’s, there was so much life ahead of me. What was I to do? Was I to live the rest of my life sick or well? The choice was up to me. I thought, “Oh Dianne, for the sake of living well… what’s another 7 days without food?”

All Of That Hard Work Paid Off
Let The Results Speak For Themselves
It was all too obvious, I was well on my way to healing from what medical physicians term rheumatoid arthritis. I found enormous relief from a host of other ailments, and my eyesight improved to where I couldn’t help but take notice. I was one happy camper!

A Woman On A Mission
The Wellness Adventure Continues… Via the voice activation system… I was in full swing on the computer, and the world of wellness info was at my fingertips. Regarding health, I “Googled” and “Yahooed” this and that. I had a mission, and it was to get to the truth. I gained much invaluable information, but I certainly didn’t expect what happened next. Shockingly, I found myself in a major state of confusion. One person says to do this, and someone else says to do that. I felt like a spinning top. Also, I realized how much more there was for me to do to possess optimum wellness. I wanted that life abundant. After feeling so bad for so long, I was ready to shoot for the stars! But, I was over my head… it was a case of information overload. Paul gave me advice, “Take things one step at a time.” Aah, deep breath. I continued to move in a forward direction.

A Proposal
How One’s Lack Of Health Affects Decisions In Other Areas Of Life… Two weeks after that initial July 4th… Paul said, “You’re the woman for me, I’m in love with you. Marry me!” I was stunned, and I declined. “With such dim eyesight and these various other ailments, how in the world could I be a good wife,” I thought. I was completely bombarded by the latter thought. My next thought, “I’ve known him for a mere 2 weeks.” Paul refused to date other women, and he stayed by my side as a friend only. We focused on getting healthy, especially for me… I was a mess.

It’s Time To Say Goodbye
In the church parking lot, remember that woman and child my Dad and Mom saw with Paul? Well, both of my parents were correct. My Mom was correct… The child was not Paul’s, and that woman was indeed the child’s mother. However, it was NOT as my Mom thought… the woman in question was NOT Paul’s sister. On this one, my Dad scores a point… she was Paul’s girlfriend. Paul thought that if he and his girl attended church together, things would work out with their relationship. Paul then realized things would not work out, and he said goodbye to his girl. As for me, after some years together… I bade farewell to my boyfriend. As hurtful as it was, I knew our relationship was over when he spoke these words to me… “You can have faith for the both of us.” In more ways than one, Paul and I needed to heal. Through lots of Scripture studies and much prayer… Paul and I focused on helping each other to heal physically, mentally and emotionally.

Then It Happened
I was in love. As soon as I let Paul know of my newfound feelings toward him, he sent me packing. No sooner did Paul begin speaking, “May I have your daughter’s hand…,” my Dad cheerfully bobbed his head up and down, gave Paul a hearty handshake, patted him on the shoulder and exclaimed, “Welcome to our family, Son!” Paul and I didn’t want to be away from each other for long, so in less than 2 weeks… a bunch of people were in celebration of what was a beautifully elegant but modest affair. In mid-January of 1997, this was 1½ years after Paul and I officially met on that July 4th of 1995… he and I married!

We Believe In Miracles
I have yet to clearly see Paul. Through a miracle, Paul and I believe this will happen. That will be an herbal tisane and for two, please. Literally, for Paul and I… life is a bowl of raisins!

The Lost & Found
Paul and I were so lost, and not only did the Most High God find us…
He is continuing to bring forth great works through each one of us.
In addition, Paul and I know…
He and I are what we are, and this is because… we are together.
All praises to the Most High God…
For it is He who paired up the two of us!

More To Share
Paul and I have not only changed what we eat, but how we bathe, how we wash our hair, how we care for our teeth, how we clean house and so much more.

No More Of That
Since that 19-day water fast… I have not been treated by any medical doctor, and I have not taken any drugs… prescription or over-the-counter. As matter of fact… For so very long, Paul and I have not consulted with any health-care provider of any kind.

Related Scriptures
“Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”
“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”
“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.”
“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”
Beautiful is Romans, chapter 8 and Isaiah, chapter 55.

What Happened?
On July 4th of 1993, I was at my Aunt’s house for a picnic/barbecue party.
Yes, this was back in the day…
This is when I did not know about holidays versus holy days.
I was sporting the fashionable age of 30 something, and I was having fun.
I took my turn, and I jumped off the diving board.
As I expected, I went completely underwater.
It’s all about what happened when I came up out of the water.

The Way Things Were
Far from having perfect vision…
I, nevertheless, did go under the water with a good amount of eyesight.
Sightwise, at that time… I was an independent person.
But, I came up out of the water crying for my Mom.
She ran over to me, and I let her know…
“Mom, I don’t know what happened, but I can hardly see.”
“Will you guide me to a chair so I can sit down.”

It’s Been A Long Time
On July 4th of 2021…
This day and year marks 28 years that I’ve been without eyesight.

My Experience
For 26 years, I have studied health related subjects with great fervency. I authored 4 eBooks as I was led to do by the Heavenly Father’s Holy Spirit. The first eBook I was led to author is entitled, Foolproof! No Fuss & Sourdough… Einkorn Artisan Bread. The second eBook I was led to author is entitled, The Pure Truth… What To Eat. The third and most recent eBook I was led to author is entitled, Eating According To Scripture… Foods Of The Bible. For your convenience, I have listed these 4 eBooks below.

Foolproof! No Fuss & Sourdough… Einkorn Artisan Bread Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall

  • Get super easy, do it yourself… recipes for divinely delicious, traditional sourdough bread made with "whole grain" einkorn wheat… updated and even better than before. This detailed eBook includes recipes for French boule, bialys, bagels, soft pretzels, bread sticks, pizza crust, Italian focaccia, Turkish loaf and crostini. They are all made artisan style, and they are all 100% pure sourdough. Enjoy fabulous flavor and provide your body with superior nutrition… relish in rapturous love at first bite, second bite, third bite. All of these breads are 100% wild yeasted… 100% whole grain… 100% plant-based… 100% foolproof and no fuss. All of these recipes are completely free of "hybridized" wheat, commercial yeast, baking powder, baking soda, dairy products and nut milks, fruit juices, sweeteners, eggs and soy. You'll want to know that many people who are "gluten sensitive" have no issues whatsoever with eating Dianne's wonderful, sourdough einkorn bread. You're going to absolutely LOVE these breads! Are you looking to prepare the bread of Scripture? Then, as thoroughly explained in this eBook… you'll happily discover how to make a wild yeasted, starter culture… you'll also find out how to fashion incredible sourdough breads with einkorn… the most ancient of wheats. Dianne went one step further to ensure your success by offering to you a collection of video tutorials. This is where she carefully and visually guides you step by step through the sourdough bread-making adventure. Please, refer to the "eBook store" page for more details about this very special video collection. After purchasing, this eBook will land in your email inbox within 5 minutes. In addition, there's an option to download the eBook. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 126 pages

The Pure Truth… What To Eat Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall

  • To support the information presented within this study, there are more than 250 scripture verses that the author references. If it was ever in question, “Is what we eat physical or spiritual,” this study is the absolute proof that eating is most definitely  spiritual. The author provides eye-opening and jaw-dropping facts about coffee, tea and tisanes, soda, kombucha, dairy milk, alcoholic wine, honey, sugar from cane and beets, wheat and bread, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, goji berries, butter and cheese, seeds (flax, chia, hemp and poppy), marijuana, algae and seaweed, edible mushrooms, fava and red kidney beans, soybeans, almonds, leavening agents (baking soda, baking powder, wild and commercial yeast), the condiment of mustard, date fruit, coconut, bananas, apples, strawberries and blackberries, vegetables, herbs and spices, olive oil, chocolate, chicken and turkey, pig, meat from ruminants, fish and other seafood, etc. The author covers the relationship between the spiritual and integral subjects such as hybridization, genetic diversity, grafting, GMO or genetically modified organisms, the essential three P’s, plus what male and female has to do with seed, the stamp of kosher, etc. The author thoroughly explains how people misjudge and stumble because of science and its philosophy (includes nutritional profiles and clinical study reports), sales and marketing (how people become convinced of this and that) and half truths plus smoke and mirrors (the cunning ways in which people have been deceived). The author expounds on why it’s urgent for people to have a clear understanding of subsistence and cash crops, and the same goes for self-sufficiency and bondage. There are people who think they know the difference between self-sufficiency and bondage, and they really do not. Be sure to check out the eBook preview, and know… this is just the tip of the iceberg! John 8:32… “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” After purchasing, this eBook will land in your email inbox within 5 minutes. Also, there’s an option to download this eBook. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 79 pages

Eating According To Scripture… Foods Of The Bible Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall

  • What separates this eBook from others of its kind? A myriad of people will show you oodles of ways to heal from an ill body, but in this eBook… you’ll read about the one way to heal healthfully. The author studiously searched the scriptures for the answers, and it’s only through Scripture that any of us can uncover the “pure truth” on this subject. In spite of the abundance of health information in this world, not one person is truly well from it. There are a slew of people who falsely believe they're well, but here's the truth bomb. Each one’s body is actually at dis-ease, and it's like a volcano boiling within that's ready to erupt at any moment. Have you ever heard someone say this to you? So and so was “healthy,” but then… boom… they now have no breath left in them. This is undoubtedly a frightening way to live… here today and gone tomorrow. What would it be worth to you to know how to avoid such a situation for yourself and your loved ones? 1 Corinthians 8:2… "And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know." 1 Corinthians 3:18… "If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise." Jeremiah 33:3… "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." Psalm 103:2-5… "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; WHO HEALETH ALL THY DISEASES; Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's." You can do what the author did, and spend the next 20+ years studying how to get well yet always coming up short. Or, in just a few minutes… you can secure information that’s from Scripture for becoming well and staying this way. After purchasing, this electronic book (eBook) will land in your email inbox within 5 minutes. Also, there's an option to download the eBook. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 95 pages

Milk That Heals… Milk That Harms Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall

  • The big cover up and the hidden agenda revealed… There are profound reasons why the PTB doesn't want you to know the truth about milk.  Are you aware that "good" milk is a complete food the body easily turns into good blood? Acting through the blood and the circulation, drinking "good" milk heals the cells and thus the tissues and the organs. Through all of the outright lies, guileful deceptions, inconspicuous half truths and purposeful censorship… the author conscientiously scoured the internet and she uncovered the eye-opening and jaw-dropping unadulterated facts for you. To boot, the author includes 20 Bible verses about this delightful beverage. After purchasing, this electronic book (eBook) will land in your email inbox within 5 minutes. Also, there's an option to download the eBook. "Sister Dianne, I LOVE your book, Milk That Heals, Milk That Harms. While I have been drinking the raw milk since we started talking about it nine months or so ago, after reading your new book, I now have even more motivation to continue drinking raw milk. Your book is fabulous! It is so informative and yet it is so easy to read and understand! I really needed to read this book! I like that it covers the history of milk, both real raw milk properly produced, as well as the homogenized, pasteurized milk found in grocery stores. You clear up the misconceptions and deceptions, and also you give us the truth about it all, including all the wonderful benefits of drinking raw milk, supported by history and facts. This is a must-read for anyone who cares about their health and wants to live a healthy life! Thank you for writing and sharing this wonderful book!" Brother Vince ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 72 pages