Free Protection From EMF Radiation & Harmful Health Effects Of 5G

EMF’s & Related Health Conditions
It’s been scientifically proven that regular exposure to EMF’s cause or contribute to the following health conditions… all types of cancer (including eye cancer), abnormal cell growth, infertility, insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritability, leukemia, immune system suppression, attention span and memory loss.

5G Warrants Our Deep Concern
Significant health concerns have undoubtedly resulted from the use of 2G, 3G and 4G technology. Therefore, how is it that we can reasonably expect anything different from using the wireless 5G network? Even though we don’t know everything there is to know about 5G technology as of yet, we definitely do know that this 5G millimeter wave technology is a whole lot stronger than the previous 4G radio wave technology. This sobering wake-up call, all on its own, certainly makes the use of fifth generation (5G) network quite scary.

An Expert Speaks His Mind
Stunning findings by world-renowned Biochemist and researcher in EMF and wireless radiation, Dr. Martin Pall, has shown that EMF’s cause premature aging. In addition, they also cause severe health conditions such as fertility, brain, heart and DNA damage. EMF’s can also activate the body’s voltage-gated calcium channels, and when the latter happens then this causes them to release extra calcium ions into the cells. This dreaded occurrence spurs the unwanted creation of peroxynitrite and free radicals that put our health in grave danger. As matter of fact, the overloading of calcium in human cells has been widely observed as the foundation of all diseases that have shown up in thousands of tests. As the Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University with retired status, Martin is able to speak with more of a free rein about the concerning issues surrounding EMF’s and 5G. This wise Ph.D. has also passionately stated, “There has been NOT ONE single biological safety test on 5G.
This is totally insane.”

Microwaving Our Planet… The Wireless Revolution
Both an American author and activist on the subject of electromagnetic radiation and health, who carefully analyzed 5G before it was even approved, Arthur Firstenberg found that because 5G EM pulses are so short, and are delivered in bursts, they can replicate inside the body. He wrote from his in-depth and intensive research… The moving charges turn into little antennas that essentially re-radiate the electromagnetic field which, in turn, sends it even deeper inside of the body.

What They All Have In Common
The top scientists, who have studied effects of EMF (Dr. Ollie Johansson, Dr. Devra Davies, Dr. Magda Havas, Dr. Martin Blank, et cetera), all agree on this one particular thing. Reviewing all of the evidence, combined with the increase in signal strength from 5G, the future of the human race is surely at stake!

Get Free Protection From EMF’s
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Curious Minds Want To Know
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