Foodie Favorites

Here are the foods we consume and absolutely LOVE.
Each one of these companies has excellent customer service.
When you place an order, will you let the company know you heard about them from Dianne of… thanks!

Foods Of Top-Notch Quality… Taste The Difference

Here’s what we eat… their delish sockeye salmon!
We purchase… the jumbo whole sockeye, 30 ounce average, 9 fillets.
In the section of the order form “Driver Delivery Instructions,” we always put… knock on door.

Salmon Fish… Our Top Choice

Date Fruit, Organic & Raw… 7 Hot Dates

Enotre Extra-Virgin Olive Oil … Outstanding Flavor, Award Winning

To Order Enotre Olive Oil Within The United States… Here’s Who To Contact

Live In Texas? Here’s The Best Raw Dairy Milk

Salts, Gourmet & Unrefined… Tis The Season

Organic Wine & Organically Grown Grapes… The Purest Expression Of Exceptional Fruit

This is where we get high quality and super tasting almonds, and for a lesser price… we go with the 5-pound bag. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter, and receive their sale alerts… save up to a whopping 30%.

Almonds That Taste Fabulous! Organic & Truly Raw… No Heat Applied