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Are Vaccines Safe. Evaluate For Yourself

Vaccine Ingredients, Safety & Efficacy

#2 Vaccine Ingredients, Safety & Efficacy

Plankton… What Is It?

Zooplankton & Phytoplankton… What’s The Difference?

Artificial Selection & Selective Breeding. The Crux

Artificial Selection. Put Another Way

Taxonomy. It’s Not 100% Reliable

Taxonomy. The Father Of It

Drinking Milk. A Life Or Death Choice

Olive Oil. Ahkal Ha Shaman Shal Zayath

Brassica Oleracea. What You Need To Know

Sizing Up The Matter. Pretty Wild Stuff

A Corny Story It’s Truly Amaizing

Food Addiction. A Behind The Scenes Look

Don’t Be Too Chicken. Learn The Truth About What You’re Really Eating

Chickens… That’s Chicken? Whoa, You’ve Got To Be Kiddin’ Me

Chickens. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Them

Apples… How Much Do You Know About This Fruit?

A Banana Of Another Kind

Banana Is Not At All Apeeling

Caffeine… A Health-Harming Psychoactive Substance

Coffee… A Wake Up Call For Those Who Drink It

Mushrooms Are Fungus… Nature’s Decomposers & Scavengers

Mushrooms… They Could Be The Death Of Me

Commercial Yeast… This Is How It’s Made

Cacao & Chocolate… Here’s The Bitter Truth About It

Foods Of The Mayans… Read Deuteronomy 6:14-15 & Exodus 23:24

#1 Barley Tea… Here’s How To Prepare This Healing Beverage

#2 Barley Tea… Here’s How To Prepare This Healing Beverage

Lettuce Go Back To The Ancient Egyptians & Their God Min

#1 The Ancient Toothbrush… This Is The Most Natural Way To Brush Teeth

#2 The Ancient Toothbrush… This Is The Most Natural Way To Brush Teeth

Cannabis & Hemp… It’s High Time We Smoke Out The Truth

Marijuana 2 Corinthians 6:17… A Walk Through Its History

Rice… What There Is To Know About It Will Absolutely Shock You

Selective Breeding… Here’s What It’s Doing To Our Animals

Avocado No Watered Down Truth… The Devastation Is Very Real

Very Graphic… Halal Slaughter… Know Who Produces The Meat You Eat

Very Graphic… Kosher Slaughter… Know Who Produces The Meat You Eat

Chocolate’s Production… Here’s What You Really Need To Know

How Sweet Chocolate Is Not… Its Secrets Revealed

Corn & Vitamin Deficiency Disease… This Cereal Plant’s Secret Weapon

Corn On The Cob… Take Serious Heed To Deuteronomy 30:17-20

Corn Would NOT Be Nutritious If It Didn’t First Go Through This Process

Let’s Talk Sugar… Who Really Suffers For Its Production?

Sugar… It’s Not So Sweet After All… Here’s The Bitterness Of Its History

Sugar & Chronic Disease… Is There An Association Between The Two?

Einkorn Wheat… Nature’s Original Wheat… A Wheat That’s Never Been Hybridized!

Einkorn Wheat… Visit The Farm & Check Out This Fabulous Grain!

The Cashew Nut… A Relative Of Poison Ivy… What Makes It Potentially Fatal?

Fava Bean… A Serious Side Effect For The Males Who Eat It

Hemp & Cannabis… It’s An Ancient Plant & It’s Associated With Religion

Coconut Picking & Monkey Business… Man Has The Chain Of Command Over The Slave

Coconut Consumption… Partaking Of This Tropical Fruit Means Putting People At Risk Of Death

Reverse Genetic Engineering Chickens To Dinosaurs? Last 5 Minutes Of Video… Genesis 6:11-22 & Matthew 24:37-39?

Seeds Versus Spores… Learn The Difference… Genesis 1:29 & Genesis 8:22

#7 What Will Chickens Eat? Isaiah 55:2

Animal Pharm… Listen From 8:40 To 9:48 & 44:55 To 45:54… Matthew 24:37-39

Measuring Flour… How To Do It

Measuring Flour… What There Is To Know

Salt & Water… Important For Life

Simmering Versus Boiling

Shaping Bialys

Shaping Soft Pretzels

Water Sauté… How To Do It