Milk, Cheese, Salt, Vinegar & Wine… Buy Them Here

So incredibly delectable is a lusciously creamy glass of full-fat milk. Splendidly divine is the taste of a great red wine paired up with a cheese of par excellence. Vinegar and pure mineral-rich salt are marvelously fabulous for elevating the flavor of a plethora of meals (both savory and sweet). Here’s where Dianne (owner/author of this website) shares her top picks with you!
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Black Pepper & Other Seasonings, Barley (Black Nile) & Olive Leaf… Buy Them Here

Olive leaf is a traditional medicinal herb, and its therapeutic uses date all the way back to many centuries ago. We find early references to the use of olive leaf as medicine in the Bible, “The fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.” (Ezekiel 47:12)
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Barley, Lentils, Honey, Seasonings & More… Buy Them Here

Also, here’s where you’re able to buy einkorn (whole wheat) flour and various pastas (spaghetti, fusilli and penne), ultra nutritious bee pollen, seasonings (ginger root, Ceylon cinnamon, minced white onion and delicious dillweed) in addition to personal care items (aloe vera gel, calcium Bentonite clay and natural henna hair color)! Have a great time shopping for really healthy food and pure (non-toxic) personal care!
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Essential Oils… Buy Them Here

Before this company even obtains a sample of an oil, they find out everything they can about the farmer, distiller or supplier. They research the background, reputation, commitment to quality, and commitment to the industry behind each sample. Once they know everything they need to know to their satisfaction, they then move on to looking at the actual oil itself. For each and every single essential oil… They include its botanical name, extraction method, country of origin, plant part, aromatic scent and GC/MS report. You can see each essential oil’s GC/MS report by going to that specific essential oil’s product page and clicking on Test Reports. Continue reading “Essential Oils… Buy Them Here”

Sockeye Salmon… Buy It Here

Here’s where to get the “real deal,” Alaskan Wild Sockeye Salmon! Since 2011, Oceana has worked to stop seafood fraud in the United States. Their previous investigations unveiled that on average, one-third of the seafood was mislabeled (the product listed on the label or menu was different than what the buyer actually received). Often times, this was a less desirable or lower-priced species. Continue reading “Sockeye Salmon… Buy It Here”