Root Canals… The Dangers In Getting One

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Endodontists perform 25 million root canal procedures a year in the United States alone, and this practice has catastrophic effects on peoples’ well-being (physically, mentally and emotionally). By sharing this message, you will be doing your part in helping to educate people on the tragic health effects that result from having a root canal. And, having a root canal procedure is certainly nothing to smile about. Continue reading “Root Canals… The Dangers In Getting One”

Teeth Brushing & Whitening… The Natural Way

iLoveToLiveWell’s Recipe For EarthPaste

This EarthPaste is ultra cleansing, antibacterial, alkalizing, detoxifying, remineralizing, whitening, brightening, refreshing, strengthening, revitalizing, oxygenating, super healing, economical, easy and quick to prepare… plus it’s completely 100% pure and natural! Wow, that was quite the mouthful, now wasn’t it? To boot, this EarthPaste has a lovely velveteen texture, and in the mouth… it feels just like conventional teeth paste. It’s absolutely spectacular! You’re going to love it!
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DIY Dental Health… Naturally Care For Mouth, Teeth & Gums

When we conscientiously apply these superb tips on how to successfully perform self dentistry, this is when we will cheerfully welcome in a vibrantly healthy oral ecology. It’s time to say a glorious forever farewell to terrible tartar, unpleasing plaque, unattractive stains and offensive breath. Each one of us needs to clearly grasp that the miraculous makeup of our mouth is a whole, living organ. It’s an incredibly designed, complex and living ecological system. When properly nourished and diligently cared for… Each one of us will receive the grand reward of a robustly, vigorous vestibule and an outstandingly, exuberant oral cavity that’s been completely strengthened and regenerated.
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