Almonds (Organic & Truly Raw)… Buy Them Here

Do you know that almonds grown in the United States are of a much lesser quality compared with those grown in other countries?
Dianne (owner/author of this website) is quite particular about what she eats, and here’s where she gets very high quality almonds!

The Company’s Website
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Almonds Of Exceptional Quality… Organic & Truly Raw
Product # NU045

These particular almonds are unlike other almonds. These almonds that Dianne recommends have been naturally dried with no heat applied to them. These almonds come from Spain, and they haven’t been treated with any irradiation or chemical sterilization whatsoever!

For the healthiest almonds, be sure to soak them in salty water before eating them.

What To Do
STEP #1: Place 4 cups of almonds in a half gallon size, glass mason jar along with one measured tablespoon of mineral-rich, finely ground, unrefined salt (such as pink Himalayan or Bolivian Rose salt).
STEP #2: Add enough pure water (filtered and purified) to cover the almonds by a few inches.
STEP #3: After soaking almonds at room temperature for 12 (twelve) hours, drain off the soaking water and thoroughly rinse the almonds with fresh water. Now, it’s time to dry the almonds.
STEP #4: Place the soaked almonds in a dehydrator at 110 degrees Fahrenheit to completely dry them. The drying time depends on how crispy you like to eat almonds. The drying time could take anywhere from 24 hours to several days.
NOTE: It’s best to store soaked/dehydrated almonds in the refrigerator.