A FREE Download… Motivating Weight Loss Charts By Vinnie… You’re Going To Love These!

Vinnie says, “Here are two weight loss charts in PDF format. One of them is a copy of mine that people can use as an example, and the other one is customizable (without the numbers) so that people can put in their own body weights.

On this customizable form, I changed a few things to make it more useful to most people. There are so many types of weight loss charts and graphs out there in the world, and I have seen similar ones, but I modified this one in a few ways that I think are a little more motivating. I added things like “Inspiring Comments,” titles like “Main Goal,” and sections like “Super Bonus,” to further inspire myself as well as other people. You can print out the customizable weight loss chart and then write down your own weights, goals, and motivating statements. I made certain goal blocks bigger and bolder so that they really stand out. I hope that people find these weight loss charts helpful and motivating.”

Vinnie’s Weight Loss Chart

Customizable Weight Loss Chart